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Binning 163x i7 3770K

Christian Ney

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All from Costa Rica,


Test #1:

Boot 5GHz 4c/4t windows with 1.3v then lower voltage under windows.


Seems Costa Ricas isn't that good so far for CPU Core low voltage.


Test #2:

Boot stock voltage (vccsa 0.925 and vccio 1.05v) with 2933 multi.


So far we have quite a lot of 1520+ MHz IMC.

1520 MHz is the limit on air for the kit we are using.





Anybody interested by 3770K cpus with 1520+MHz IMCs ?

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Depends on the bench you want .

For 3d you need 8t only for vantage ... and sometimes for 06 .

If the cpu has 4 good cores , it can do vantage 6000 no issues .

I'm not saying that it's very easy to find such CPU , but for sure it's a lot easier than finding a 6.8+ 3d LN2 chip .

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My CPUs have:


5GHz 4/4 32M stable 1.23v 3224B125 3306


5GHz 4/4 32M stable 1.24v 3224B125 1920


5GHz 4/4 32M stable 1.25v 3224B125 3249


hmm i had bad problems with that batch on ln2.

i really hope it goes better with you guys!


when you try ln2?

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