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Binning 163x i7 3770K

Christian Ney

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what I used:

1.65vcore on wprime.5 tries

1.60vcore 2v pll and 1.3vccio Intel burn test and prime 3x times

on stock heatsink


and now without cooler au 4.5g let it boot the shutdown after while.Turned it on again,shutdown after while again.


did this about 10+TIMES AND STILL WORKING :o


Ps. I play with cpu's contacts with a t-shirt to create static electr. but still alive :/

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All my 2800+ chips will do 32m 2800+ with high cas 2800 capable rams (not really care about mem test though), but not all can run 2600ish with tight timings


Caz u lucky :D i had chip could post 2933 but not 2800 32m stable on air only -40 to pass 32m


Other chip post 3000 direct and pass 32m on air

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