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Help with 1366 RAM dimension


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Well the basic price for copper per kilo is around 6,2 € while it is about 1,9 € for Aluminium.


It's not realy possible to get it cheap :D


I get an nice pice copper today, 180*120 :P

Time to make an full copper pot out of it :D

And i dont pay much for it, less than 30% of the 6,20:)

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on IB u don't need heavy pot on memories or you get 55 in 90% of boots, also u don't need mount the pot (better if u do it if using PSC/BBSE) but for hynix and samsung u need only easy pot ALU is good enough,i prefer short HS like SF3D made on his mem HS and easy removable HS is very important to don't kill ICs or SMDs under big pressure when u tight screws (prefer with clip)


what ocer need for mem pot is


ALU simple POT

Short HS with clip and not screws if not cost too much and should cover whole the PCB

Probe hole in the some place on HS not POT would be perfect



when HS doesn't cover whole the mem and pot is heavy





for the clip i meant like this like i made with simple 2 holes on the top of HS to mounting the pot



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Thanks for the thoughts, Hiwa!


What exactly happened with the capacitors on the pics above?


heavy Pot while i tried to tight pot and HS screws or when i unmount the hs not sure wich caused


don't tell me you killed those 2400C9 RipjawsZ, hiwa


no but that one was one of the best 2800 hynix i had.

repaired it but 2 ICs were dead too.

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