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Trick for Wprime

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Any trick for a WPrime32???



Does anyone know why wprime 32 ran pretty strong, but the time was worse than the guys who ran up to 350 mhz less?

I used XP32 clean, with and without real time QPI 3200, 3800, 4266 and 4800 ... but times have not improved ...

If anyone has an idea



thanks in advance ;)

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  • Crew
Install the GPU drivers. The smoother text display as the % updates scroll by gives a faster time :)
Why not just minimize the window? :) think it should do the same.


I'd like to know a way to change the process priority - does anyone know?

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  • Crew

Yeah, Scotty, there's only one problem. The wprime.exe is not the one to calculate the task. When you click the run button, DCOM service creates a new process (as I remember called wPrime.exe too, but with another process ID) and this is the one to do the math. If you select multiple threads, then an appropriate number of processes is being launched.

So changing priority like you said will make realtime to the GUI, the window and as I suggest (don't remember the tests) will make it worse.


You can't change the priority of the math processes after they are calculated neither - despite they are not killed after calculation being done, they do die when you start it next time. So your realtime calculation threads will be killed and new ones with regular priority will be created.



If the answer was so simple, I wouldn't ask :D

You can use for example Process explorer to check this out.

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Antinomy is right. But in my opinion priority is not a big matter - the more important thing is to get those threads to calculate math simultaneously. In my case there were a lot of times when 1 thread was calculated a bit faster than others - and that made 1 core idle when 3 others were only 96% complete.

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