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The Stilt's Book of Bulldozer - Revelations: Episode 2 (SuperPI / x87)

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Enabled = worse, disabled = better.


That's how it works.


Then it makes sense, thanks.


Just weird, when I reboot my computer I can do it on almost the same time as when it is disabled. I would say the difference is within the margin of error.


But it might be because of the processor speed. I will test with higher clocks when I get the time.

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You know The Stilt is a man with a high reputation when people reffer to him as a group of finnish overclockers :))




Truth to be told,what The Stilt does is such an incredible job that is hard to believe only one man stands behind and has all this knowledge and skill :D

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Thanks Stilt.


Does anyone know if this affects much in the way of games? Sorry I tried google searching and couldn't get past a zillion intel X87 motherboards, lol. If so, which games? I'm messing around with BDC with my Athlon 760K.

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Stilt, you are the boss.

I have been able to lower the boost state from 1.236v to 1.152v with your beautifully designed software. Thanks a lot!


May I report some small error I encounter: 64 bit version of Devastator PowerTune runs great; however I cannot get Devastator PowerTune to run on my x86 windows 7 install. First errors are for every DLL file not found in System32 folder, I copy them there, but the program still doesn't respond. I receive "program stopped responding" errors, could this be a result of hardware swap - I wouldn't assume so since the program comes within a zip package.


Respect the Stilt!

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