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Anyone know if there's a way to revive Asrock A85 Extreme6 after a bad bios flash?

Not talking about a programmer device, because I can't find one in the weekend.

Got the board yesterday and tried to flash the LN2 bios today. Loaded setup defaults, reset and entered instant flash. It's the first time I try to flash a new bios on this board.

The process stuck at ~30%. Waited 10-15 minutes and it didn't move, everything appeared frozen. Had no other choice but restart and it's now dead. I only managed to install Windows :(


PS: If it matters - I've used the black usb2.0 ports near the clrCMOS button.

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Yes, I have a very bad luck with APUs. Guess I just have to sit back and watch.


Billy, where? I can only see one bios chip on the board.


PS: I have Extreme6, not 6+. Extreme6+ is not available in Bulgaria yet, so I had no other choice but get the older model.

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