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When a score has no points -> Force recalculation

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Since I've received quite a bit of questions about this: a sticky!




To understand why sometimes your scores do not recieve a ranking or points, it's important to know how the engine works exactly. In essence, our HWBOINT engine is programmed only to recalculate the scores that will be receiving points in the first place. This means that it will not check submissions that the engine believes will not get a ranking, mostly because the user already has a better submission in that category.


If you submit a new score, the following happens:


- user fills in all correct details

- user clicks submit

- engine checks if the score is the user's best in the global category

- engine checks if the score is the user's best in the hardware category


If the answer is yes on either of the last two questions, the engine will recalculate the entire global and/or hardware ranking and will determine what rank, and points, should be given to the score. Normally, this is never a problem for the engine.


No rank/points, why?


Sometimes a score that should receive points, doesn't receive any. This is because the engine doesn't know (hasn't logged) that this score should receive a rank. As long as the engine isn't instructed to check the rank/points for this score, it will not give any.


The reason for this can be:


- You have a better score with the same hardware

- You have edit a score to a better result

- You have submit a score in the wrong category

- Two scores are worth exactly the same (*)


The main cause of problems is people who are editing results. If you want everything to go well, you need to submit new scores instead of editing older ones.


(*): in this case, the points HAVE BEEN calculated and are added to the team total, just not the personal total. This issue can only be solved with patience: until one of your scores has dropped/raised in points, none of them will be seen by the engine as 'best scoring submission for this global benchmark'.


The solution.


Most of the problems can be solved by doing two things:


1) Force the engine to go over all your scores and flag those that will need to be recalculated


- go to your profile and click on the 'options' tab

- click on 'Force recalculation of best submissions.'


The engine will log all scores that need to be re-evaluated and when the next rank/points calculation is triggered, your points will be added.




2) Force the engine to recalculate a particular score to be re-evaluated and be given rank/points accordingly


- go to the particular score and click on the 'more' tab

- click on the small calculator image.


This will trigger the rank/point calculation. Note: clicking this will make ALL logged scores to be recalculated, not just this particular one.



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Guest Roby The Beast (Tracteur)



Hey my score does't give my point, and I force the racalculation and it do nothing. :( It said that is not my best score, but it is my only one with this CPU! It hapened after I add the photo, maybe is because the photo as not been taked during the bench and it have 2 memory stick on the photo and I make the score with one?

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Faq: http://hwbot.org/article/faq


Question: I lost points in comparison to Rev3, how is that possible?


Answer: Of course the reason can be different for everyone, but the most common cause of the loss of points is the removal of the personal hardware point cap of 300 points and instead limiting the effect of hardware points to ‘top-20′ most rewarding scores.


- Rev3: MAX(hardware points, 300)

- Rev4: SUM(top-20 most rewarding hardware scores)


Example: if you have 1000 0.1p submissions, your hw point contribution would be:


- Rev3: MAX(1000×0.1, 300) => 100p

- Rev4: SUM(25x 0.1) => 2.5p


The only way to ’solve this situation is by … pushing harder!

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