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When a score has no points -> Force recalculation

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3 hours ago, yosarianilives said:

Ranking definitely looks weird, the "70% slower than 1st place" cutoff should be around 15s 258ms by my napkin math

It's 75%, not 70%. So score needs to be at least 14s671ms or better to get more points.

This 75% cutoff is under discussion for the next revision.

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  • Crew

I recalculated them all manually, wasted 2 hours of my time. Only thing I found were 3 subs that were disabled for points, but I  found a lot of doubles and even triple submissions...

I deleted over 80, subbing and resubbing will not get you more points




For the last time:

The benchmark point distribution has changed.

Catzilla/hwbot Prime gets no more points

We moved from Firestrike to Firestrike Extreme



Your old scores are beaten easily by modern setups, so you get less points ta like a few years back....

You can't come back after 4 years thinking that your points are still the same. Things evolve...

For me this case is closed...


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