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When a score has no points -> Force recalculation

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"The Overclockers league is based on a members best 15 global & worldrecord submissions, and the best 20 submissions with the most "hardware" and "competition" points. Global or world record points can be achieved by reaching a very high score in a benchmark, no matter which hardware you used. Hardware points can be achieved by reaching a very high score in a benchmark for a specific hardware item, like the fastest GTX260 in 3DMark06. Competition points can be gained by joining competitions."

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PM me with the links of the submissions of yours that don't get points please so I can force the calculation manually


Sorry I never got back to you Christian. I opend another instance of HWBOT after a few minutes and clicked the link to the submission and I did recieve the points. I guess the submit page was just not updating for some reason.

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I forced recalculation and n/a rankings , n/a points.


I will back again and I see that.


Some moderator can made a recalculation forced by me ?


Thanks at advance .... :)

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Good morning everybody.


Submitted a new bench, which I supposed to gain 12.9 points, but I only got the UHP, not the UGP.




Actually this have been occurring in all my last new submissions (including XTU).


Forced recalculation and nothing happened.


What is wrong?

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