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  1. seems thats the problem and is difficult to fix with normal soldring if traces or ic are blown
  2. this happened to one of my 3930k C2 also. really can't say why these chip do this even though vtt,vccsa not that high..... any findings ?
  3. can you check if it hold the default turbo frequency with avx load?
  4. Slow mode more to board dependent then cpu. Try asus board and see what it gives
  5. OCP kick in for very same reason. might burn mosfets or thin power cables. really good for testing psu quality
  6. Is defenatly the mobo that limitin. Try to loose timings for +2600mhz but I doubt it will boot....
  7. This is overkill for modern cpus but hobby is like girlfriend can't overcome.
  8. Is this diff at idle or load? ur load vcore is all matter
  9. set ur LLC accordingly if that helps
  10. Must Just follow that might be easy and quick. Check ur cooling.....etc. most hardware are not equally built especially cpu. You might need diff adjustments.
  11. Increment Vccsa and see if ram gets stable Still suspect v core though It might be unstable uncore High temps can be lid weak contect with die Leave all those ram volts just focus on vdimms
  12. Just run ram at its native and clock cpu as high it can go. Once cpu is stable then tuch ram. You won't be determine where the instability. Seems low v core to me.... but further test with prime at least 3 hours. Keep post results
  13. No. But more headroom for overclocking
  14. If OP really want to delid is up to him. Delid Soldered cpu is what the challange is for the enthusiasts
  15. Same intel crapy sensors seen by previous Gen. Delid will help to bring cores temp closer. 10c diff is at idle or load?
  16. but the problem what concern me is after 43 multi the board will boot twice when first turn on the psu. its bother me because most of the time I left the pc off. does this effect other manufactures aswell beside ASUS?
  17. so frustrated and hopeless with asus. Raja@asus mentioned it as normal but without cure. solution to it to leave the psu on when not using pc and this is not what suite me. They can release a bios update to fix this but not sure why they so reluctant to do that. so my I'm thinking of moving to diff manufacture for my next upgrade...
  18. some stupid rookie offering help on that site :banana: in most cases that error related to lot of things etc, Os,unstable clock, mem related. if you provide more info that may be easy to determine the problem
  19. if the kit is 100% prime stable then problem might be with ur 980Ti. as Gunslinger mention volts might help. dont forget to keep us update
  20. might some traces on the board is causing this when heat build up it looses the contect...
  21. average chip . might need way more vcore for 5ghz doubt it still be stable. 60c full load 1.48v to 90+ 1.52v seems bad mounting/cooling.
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