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  1. Yeah Bully, still have it! Haven't had a chance to play around with it recently. Had a big move, new job, etc. Are you using the LN2 board or the standard?
  2. Heya Sofos, BIOS work going to make it to the regular SOC Force?
  3. HWBot Prime! A note... the UD5 and 6600K are sold! :celebration:
  4. Hi all, a note. I will not sell internationally anymore due to issues with an ongoing sale.
  5. Samsa, had an inquiry over at OCN for the board that I've been chatting with. Just gave them a PM saying take it or leave it. If he leaves it, it's all yours. DJ, ES IHS is yours if 6600K buyer doesn't want it.
  6. 6.4GHz+ 6600K - $350 Shipped SOLD! @Splave tested this quickly for me. He passed at 6405 but said it could likely go higher with proper attention. It comes with an ES IHS since the stock 6600K IHS was damaged during delid. The existing IHS seems to make good contact but Mr. Splave sent the ES top so I'm including it here for you guys. Chip can do XTU and CB R15 at 4.9GHz @ 1.415V on standard water. 5.0 may be possible at similar volts but your mileage may vary. 6.0GHz+ 980X - $225 Shipped SOLD! Capable of both WPrime 32M and Geekbench Single Core above 6GHz. 1M would probably be around 6.2-6.3GHz, though I never tried with this chip. xxbassplayerxx`s wPrime - 32m score: 2sec 656ms with a Core i7 Extreme 980X xxbassplayerxx`s Geekbench3 - Single Core score: 4655 points with a Core i7 Extreme 980X Gigabyte Z170X-UD5 - $125 Shipped SOLD! Lightly used board. Frozen twice. I was using it while waiting for Gigabyte to release the SOC Force. I can include the eraser on it if you'd like or take it off if you would prefer. A good starter Z170 board for cold or a good 24/7 board. Includes all original accessories. Payment and Shipping: Payment via Paypal or Google Wallet Included shipment is via USPS Priority Mail in the US. For global shipments, contact me for a quote. Photos:
  7. Mine arrived over the weekend, though I haven't taken it out of the package yet.
  8. If your board has an option for "QPI Slow Mode" or a really low multiplier for the QPI Frequency (6x, 8x, etc... can't really remember what the number is), this can help too. Assuming that your motherboard can run higher PCI-E frequencies, the other two items that are going to limit you to lower PCI-E frequencies are your hard drive and your PCI-E GPU. To get around one of these, use a PCI GPU and test to see where your hard drive fails--this is usually around 115-120MHz, in my experience. Be careful though, as this can corrupt the Windows/Operating System install. When I'm running BCLK of 250+, I'm usually using PCI-E frequencies of 130-140MHz.
  9. That card is just begging for EPOWER if you can figure out the CB modification....
  10. I don't think you ever want to crack it intentionally.
  11. Since I am an investor of a competing product, it's definitely in my best interest to slander them. Oh wait, I'm not.
  12. Bummer. Any chance that was just Z97 having a hard time with 8GB sticks?
  13. Were there every any DS MFR sticks? Seems that would have been the best of both words.
  14. They responded once the PayPal claim came through. I didn't want to send the case back so I asked for a partial refund. They accepted it. You didn't receive the brass colored hardware? It's really really light, feels like pot metal. The stuff they used before was solid... likely made of actual brass. As for the rest, I'll let you be the judge:
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