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  1. It's a bad benchmark because it's basically broken. It scales massively with CPU speed, it performs better when you run with less cores and HT turned off, etc. People don't really run it anymore.
  2. As the pot gets cold, the rods get frosty and get stuck in the hold downs, which can make swapping processors or platforms difficult. Doubling the holes that the rods pass through is going to make this twice as difficult. I'd avoid it if possible. This is more true with LN2 but can still be an issue with dry ice.
  3. I don't think there are very many people pushing E-Die right now but with B-Die, 4-Dimm boards wall around 1900 12-12-12 1T. Above that they require 2T.
  4. Wow. Have the depths been changed to possibly deal with cracking/contact under the IHS?
  5. Congratulations!!!! Which BIOS were you using? Also, RTL's seem quite odd which kept happening to me despite having them dialed in manually. Did you have them set to something or on auto?
  6. Just because Marc didn't share... this was literally his first run going for 742.
  7. @Digg_de, can you train with 49/50 RTLs? Maybe even lower? 48/49? Or 49/49?
  8. Sounds like it's time to flash a new SPD then! Is there any software for DDR4 that can do that yet?
  9. Well cool then! Question... anyone had issues installing Timing Configurator in stripped XP? Can't get it to go for some reason. v4.0.3
  10. Weird... board setting them correctly?
  11. Must not have gone through. No deleted posts in the thread... unless you mean you reported it. In that case, it wouldn't show up here.
  12. Are you sure it posted originally? I'm not seeing anything on this page that has been deleted.
  13. Mine ran full pot with no issue at all as long as it was in single channel and QPI volts weren't too high, but it was just a retail. The Q3FE chips weren't supposed to have that same issue... full pot with any QPI and full memory banks. At one point, the 980X top ranking was all Q3FE chips. After a while, people found strong retails that would run full pot or really close to it and the ranking has spread out since then. [hwbot=2361553]submission[/hwbot] Q3FE (A0): [hwbot=1024341]submission[/hwbot] [hwbot=987377]submission[/hwbot]
  14. Wrong frequency in submission Nacho! I only noticed because it came up in a search for 5.0 GHz and less.
  15. Hey Bullshooter, a lot of GT chips actually can go full pot. I had a B1 chip (retail) that could do it in single channel but as far as I was aware, all A0 (Early 2.40GHz ES samples) chips could do it. I'm trying to figure out why the one I was using couldn't.
  16. Hey Mr. Horse, I can say that in the case of my second board, it's absolutely flawless. Nothing missing, not even dirty. Socket is picture-perfect. I tried with two different chips (980X & 960) and plenty of different sticks of memory. I'm thinking that it's something internal on the board that breaks down with age... a trace or something like that. I'm not sure though. I may reach out to Gigabyte directly to see if they have any experience with this.
  17. Didn't try that. I was running 1.75V or so... maybe 1.80V. I don't want to kill my hypers Maybe I should put in my Samsungs?
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