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  1. 1. ASRock Z170M OC Formula - Like New in Box - $185 shipped to US Lightly used, less than 10 hours on it. Never frozen, not abused. Loaded up with 1.21b BIOS from the last time I used it (I think that was the one). Comes with all retail accessories. If you open this, it will look exactly like it's new. Probably even smells new still. 2. Intel Core i3 6320 - Lightly used, OC potential untested - $125 shipped to US I bought this to get some 742 loving but haven't even had time to run XTU since I got the MOCF. Chip is not delidded and comes with box/heatsink unless you don't want it. Chip is retail. 3. G.Skill TridentZ 2x8GB 3000 14-14-14 B-Die - Lightly used - $90 shipped to US 3866 12-12-12 on MOCF (without wazza) at 1.86V. Could likely go less, only spent a few minutes on the board and you all know how annoying B-Die can be. Shipping and Payment Domestic shipments will go via UPS, USPS First Class, or USPS Priority Mail--It depends on how I'm feeling at the time. If you want a specific method, we can chat about it. International shipments will go via USPS First Class International or Priority Mail International. We can discuss specifics via PM. Payment is via PayPal or Chase Quickpay. Fees are calculated in my pricing already, so just pay as you would normally. Photos
  2. You're not wrong assuming you do put something between the backplate and the board, like a few pieces of closed cell foam or a nice piece of rubber. I use the backplate from my F1 Dark to mount my watercooling stuff sometimes, so it's nice to use it without the need for insulation sometimes as well.
  3. Keep in mind that with the backplate you'll need to avoid components and pins in the back. If you're going to go with all of those holes, I would recommend doing a raised portion in the center to make sure you are not making contact further out than you need to. It's kind of hard to explain... assume the red area is raised:
  4. What would be the price for a copper unit if you decided to make it? One of the reasons people were interested in the first place is that you cannot get copper spreaders that work with existing pots anymore.
  5. Thanks for the reminder. Dimas still has not responded to my emails.
  6. From the OP: Is this not working for you?
  7. This is the week that I'm moving so there is a 0% chance that I can make it
  8. Bad advice! It's definitely a capable board. I don't think I've seen the throttling recently... here are my last two XTU subs on that board: It looks like neither throttled. Do you have OS and BIOS power saving disabled? Do you have it set to C7/C8 power state or w/e? EDIT: Ignore RTL's on the second sub. Didn't realize they were fucked when I subbed it. Must have had a bad boot.
  9. Hopefully the PCB is 1/2 thickness so we have to worry about bending it!
  10. Wow... if 2GHz boost is common... Imagine cold
  11. I can't be much help here other than saying I had similar issues
  12. In the US they sell for $100-$130 or so.
  13. More like bump for no life amirite
  14. Damn man... Get that DMI fix integrated and put it up for sale!
  15. Yeah... B-Die is cool... but don't you dare try to run it with Maxmem over 600MB lol. 64-Bit? GTFO. This is 2016, who needs more than a few hundred megs of memory anyway!
  16. Looks incredible! What's the current weight on it?
  17. I don't think that does anything other than validate what I'm saying. You ran memory and CPU speeds that are massively lower than the existing first place and somehow beat it. The benchmark is fucked. Your 3110 12-13-13 isn't somehow faster than l0ud's 3900 11-16-16. As more evidence that no one runs this benchmark, people are doing 4080 12-11-11 with B-Die but no one has submitted a run to beat l0ud's, even though the frequencies are possible.
  18. @svictorcc, 500 FSB with a quad core is actually pretty high, especially for auto settings. If you're just trying to push your QX9650, you'll probably do better around 400 FSB and by using the multiplier.
  19. I thought this was a joke thread. What benchmark are you talking about? What competition is the related to?
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