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  1. Crucial Ballistix PC5300 @ 3.1V - boot @ 680 24-9-9-5 (CL >5 not bootable). Timings loosened in Windows with MemSet, then go up with SetFSB. Stick cooled with 120mm. Might try more - board max = 3.375.
  2. something like "We might blame it on you but it's probably our crappy coding" Exactly (I tried editing http://hwbot.org/submit/update/2506035): Oops. Something went wrong. We could blame this on you but it`s most likely our crappy coding skills. You could try again or nudge our developpers for fixing this. Details: Stack trace (just few top rows): org.hwbot.web.actions.SubmitController.bindValues(SubmitController.java:779) org.hwbot.web.actions.SubmitController.update(SubmitController.java:1470) sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor1864.invoke(Unknown Source) sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:25) java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:597) org.springframework.web.method.support.InvocableHandlerMethod.invoke(InvocableHandlerMethod.java:219) org.springframework.web.method.support.InvocableHandlerMethod.invokeForRequest(InvocableHandlerMethod.java:132) org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.method.annotation.ServletInvocableHandlerMethod.invokeAndHandle(ServletInvocableHandlerMethod.java:104)
  3. Good to know; is that also a cause why every time I try to edit/add a result I get an error?
  4. Results improve with cold, so I save the stick for future runs with LN2.
  5. For old times' sake I am collecting some old hardware and I'm looking for working DFI LanParty NF2 Ultra B mobo. I need only a board - the accessories are considered a bonus. Let me know if you have one and you can spare it.
  6. please add Core i5-4300U (socket 946B)
  7. http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=729438 - E6850 posted as T5250 http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=729434 - E8400 as T5470 http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=729439 - E8400 as T5500 http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=729436 - duplicated result above, E8400 as T5500 - I checked their forum, the guy quoted previous score http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=729437 - T7500 as E2220
  8. http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=573079 - no verification
  9. Yup, thanks! For the future - such things are to be posted in 'Wrogn Result' thread? I don't wanna mess around too much.
  10. In category A64 3800+ X2 Toledo (http://www.hwbot.org/quickSearch.do?hardwareId=CPU_1369) in wPrime top5 the results are rounded wrong; guys from places 4 and 5 have screenshots with 27,812 sec an 27,906 sec, but they are displayed as 27 seconds sharp. Is it a cheat or just a bug in bot? BTW now I'm 6th
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