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HWBOT 2020 Make it great again Thread:


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  • Crew

So for those that slept the last months under a rock, it is sort off official that HWBOT ownership has passed on from the original developper Frederik to the Thermal Grizzly company. 

Before continuing I would like to thank Frederik and the staff ( or whats left of it ) to have kept the Bot up and running, especially for the last year. 

I've had several phonecalls with the new owners and they stressed the Bot will remain a free service to the OC community. The main goal is to preserve the database, fix initially some major bugs and revise the current point calculation.

Now everything will take time and there will prolly not be a huge overhaul but we would like to hear your input on things. 

These discussions have been held before, but some of the previous decision makers are no longer amongst us and maybe time to revise some stuff.


UPDATE 09/01/2020: Full Transfer is not yet completed. Hopefully the new programmer has full access to the code soon!

Update 27/10/2020: Time to get stuff fixed :)


Current to do List:
(there are way more things we need to address then the below, but these are the ones that should be the most visible to the users) 


Main Site:

  • Easier to understand rule set (challenging for sure) / update "How to Videos"
  • Front page 2020 refresh with pictures/videos/streams
  • Adding Port Royal/Wildlife to 3D bench list
  • Releasing CB R20,  add CB23 & Geekbench 5 to the 2D Beta bench list
  • Update "About HWBot"
  • Revision of benchmarks (removal/adding) and their affiliated points 
  • Replace 2x/3x/... crossfire with Graphics card
  • Profile wall fixed
  • Reported scores get linked to old forum in the email
  • XTU points completely removed, XTU zone fixed
  • XTU 2 Version and XTU 2 zone implemented
  • Update Forum to latest Invision version. New licence bought
  • Update UBUNTU version to the latest version on Production and UAT servers
  • Update UBUNTU on E-Sports page
  • Update software of both Databases
  • 24K of Anonymous submissions removed, reported, deleted,... subs cleaned (33K of subs)
  • Removal of the current point cut-off system (75%), everybody deserves credit for their efforts (has to await new point wrapper Q1 2022)
  • Fix the competition points bug (has to await new point wrapper Q1 2022)
  • Hardware master ranking, no more updates ???
  • Scores drop off, subs get hidden
  • adding user Delete button (for 24hrs max)
  • Adding/updating achievements list ( definitely requires your input )
  • Merging off "with BenchMate benchmarks" into the normal ranking and API integration for via BenchMate datafile (awaiting Mats new release of BM)



  • New Tutorial videos offered by der8urner (editing and such)



  • Result discussions need to be re-linked to the Hwbot submissions
  • Update UBUNTU version to the latest version on Forum
  • Update Invision version on the Forum
  • Continuously Securing/Updating/patching the forum
  • Enable Notifications on Mobile devices (HWBOT Mobile Theme)    



  • Submission Reported page is not accessible for users
  • Bug in country and name on competition page. Overall view is fine, per stage is not
  • Profile wall is displaying:  you are at the end
  • Contribution page PM links no longer work
  • Pcmark10 verification link error
  • CB2003 2 X Xeon 5675 ranking bug
  • GTX770 Time Spy Extreme bug
  • WR points replaced by HW points
  • Impossibility to upload picture for mobos
  • Team ranking only working on Internet Explorer
  • CORSAIR Dominator GT page not rendering correctly
  • CORSAIR Vengeance LPX DDR4 not rendering correctly
  • GT1030 GDDR5 page not rendering correctly
  • My Achievements page check no longer updates
  • Darkgregors profile errors out
  • XTU profiles tagged as Engineering Samples or Unreleased Hardware
  • 15 Broken motherboards chipset fixed
  • Wrong point calculation: ref freq KN2MF9




  • Competition points count double for seasonal ranking 
  • Overal ranking with same points get ranked by alphabetical order??
  • Crosshair VIII IMPACT wrong Amazon link



  • API integration of BenchMate
  • Omission of Parallel Pi
  • Omission of Realbench 
  • Omission of 1068... & shzo benchmark
  • Adding game benchmarks





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  • Members

Definitely most of the 'about' hwbot needs updating, from benchmark rules to who the 'staff' are etc.

Now seems like the time to implement/change the way the leagues work since there's already going to be some confusion, just get it all done with at once ? (single league or rookie/general/elite ftw)

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12 minutes ago, suzuki said:

Make achievments happen. First to hit 9 ghz, first to hit 5 ghz on mems etc

Like feats of strenght on the profile. Better than you made 100 subs with g.skill, buhuu.

Will love to see who the first to hit 9 ghz lol, just imagine that there is an fx chip somewhere rotting away in an OEM machine that's never been cleaned but if given some lhe and an expert touch could hit 9001

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  • Crew


Yep mate, the old ones are no longer cutting it. I would love to have one how to bench at HWBot. Analysis first of what hardware are we benching, which benchmark then choosing the right OS and co... But we need some sort of script to follow to make sure everything has been mentioned

  • Joe will do one with how to use and submit with Benchmate


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On 2/7/2020 at 6:08 PM, keeph8n said:

Just let me know @Leeghoofd I can record and upload to youtube, record and send to whomever, or just live stream and link the vod. Just DM me either here or on Discord and I will do what I can

Thats a great Idea! I can edit those vids of you. I also planed to record x-oc or maybe stream. 

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  • Crew

Thx great job so far, 

some typos left and right: (verion, samample,...)

  • I would only talk about the big version with included Matt approved bench set
  • The "With benchmate categories" will dissapear because they will be merged with the exisiting ones, as it is too confusing for the users.
  • Submissions will still require 2 - 3 (for compos)  CPU-Z windows to make moderation and comparison easier
  • Thus show them manual submission by the benchmate made screenshot only  (as I have no clue when full integration by datafile will be done)

Thx heaps!!

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On 2/7/2020 at 7:56 AM, suzuki said:

Make achievments happen. First to hit 9 ghz, first to hit 5 ghz on mems etc

Like feats of strenght on the profile. Better than you made 100 subs with g.skill, buhuu.

^ I know I'm being slow -> Have had the Nvidia Cards for 2 yrs -> I would still like to get my " Have Benched 25 Different ATI/AMD or Nvidia GPU's cookie ? 

- To add to the wish list :  When I first started, I did not fill out the submission forms correctly :( Now looking back at my list of Hardware that I have Benched/Submitted, I have found several errors. I would like to fix these errors but I can only view/change the last 20 submissions with a __________.

^ This is the only place (Specially made just for ME ? ) that you will find a EVGA R9-280x submission.

Thank You


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