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Sorry, in some ways this is wildly self-indulgent, but i'm pretty happy with how this has turned out :D


The only part supplied in the kit was the medium gray bulkhead. Everything else was scratch-built. Next up.... painting!



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Guest TheMadDutchDude

Mr K! I hope you're well mate. It's been a while.


I know what hours capable of, so I'm looking forward to seeing this built and finished. :)

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Yea, it's the interior of a He111, in 1/48 scale. I LOVE WW2 aviation. I lose my shhhhhh completely at air museums :D


Hey B! Hope you're looking after yourself? I'm ok. Building model planes instead of benching these days. I gotta have something with details to fuss over :P


I can post up pics when i'm done, sure. :) Full kit might not be done for months, though. :D

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Thanks :) Probably a bit late for this build. I was briefly on a model-making forum.... I wasn't sure what I could post up that would be interesting. A lot of "interesting" things need 2 hands and by the time it's "safe" to take a picture, there's nothing to "see" in terms of problem-solving/perception/technique :/


Most aeroplane model kits have "the usual" selection of detailed areas... cockpit, interior if there is one, wheel wells, engine (if visible,) gun bays (if visible.) The rest is airframe. Technically not interesting, until painting.

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Put the fuselage to one side for a bit. I've not decided what exact plane i'm building yet and there are differences that can only be made properly with the fuselage still in pieces. Plus, looking at the same thing too many times means i'll probably miss something.


So..... I went back to the undercarriage bays.









I'd started on the longerons and formers for the roof before I got a good picture, so that detail is wrong, but I usually make a total mess of rib detail and this time it turned out neat, so it stays :P Not finished yet, still to make the air bottles for the UC doors and their cradles, also add wiring and pipes (I don't think there's much)


Urgh.... ref pics look so small. Sorry!

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If someone wants a particular plane built and has time to wait, I'd consider it. The more I like the plane, the less I would charge for "my time" :) (charging a normal rate for the time put in would bankrupt most people)


The collection I am building at the moment, I would consider donating to a good museum or "selling them in exchange" for a big enough donation to a particular heritage fund/charity (thousands)

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Thankyou :D


The fuselage went together today, FINALLY!. I have some fill/sand/prime/repeat then the wings & tailplanes can go on, then the ventral "tub" needs work, because I'm scratch-building a replacement. Maybe soon I can think about paint :D

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c0kkpit and interior is done :D Fuselage is now together, wings on, almost ready for paint :D




















I have learned a few things! For example.... painting moulded-on wiring looks terrible. Better to scrape it off and replace with an actual wire. Also.... I need more practice with painting canopy framing!

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Progress progresses!








The dark lines are "pre-shading" to add variety and semi-realistic weathering to the finish. Most of the fuselage spine has been re-done. I finally managed to get rid of the seams.






That's the lighter green on. The "darker" one will need a pre-mist of black to bring out the contrast, the paint I use isn't quite dark enough. I "overshot" the demarcations by a couple of mm to make sure there's no crappy colour transitions. Thorough demarcations and a little artistic license in the shades of green are important to early Luftwaffe planes, because they were so low contrast.... some people thought they were painted black over all of the upper surfaces!

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