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Added Chatbox in forum

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Also trying out a new mobile style for those who trying to read the forums on the move


I think it's best not to use the mobile style because it's harder to navigate, looks like crap, chatbox doesn't work and only shows loading and I don't think anyone has problems accessing the normal forums on mobile because it works well on a range of new and old devices

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Should've posted here earlier!


We're having some issues with spammers and for some reason they were all attracted to the Chatbox archive. So now we're trying to find out if the Chatbox is the cause or the Chatbox is a metric.


I don't think the chatbox is attracting them specifically, so it's pretty likely it'll come back soon.

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I've been wondering if my mobile device had a problem, but no chatbox on the rig as well. It has been very helpful in several ways for me. I've never noticed any spam, what do you mean?




I never noticed spam to the point it was a problem but I did see a spam post or two by a bot which is something of great concern because if link to something malicious is posted the only choice would be to remove the chatbox unless individual posts can removed


Plus the chatbox gave me a good reason to check the forums like never before

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