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Hi fellas, maybe you know the city better then me, i've just find a couple of hotels with nice price:




Is both at 40 minuts away from Nangang Exhibition Center with train. I can't find any other close for better price.


Other things, i've to register here? : https://computex.leadexpo.com/computex/custinfo.asp


There's a tiket to buy?

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I changed my mind, I want to see what all the fuss is about :)

Arriving the 29th, leaving late the 2nd. Unless I somehow qualify for WT finals. Then I might stay for that. Staying near the main station, at the hotel Relax 3.


Advice for a noob would be appreciated :)

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ask in the thread, couple of us noobs here, maybe we can answer each others questions.

No specific questions. Just don't want to meet people the last day and everyone goes: you should have done this, been there, you missed this...

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