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No need to schedule May 30 if you're neither hungry nor thirsty, i guess.


@M\.Beier, add "cash prize" next to World Tour event in opening post please


PJP, can I hereby declare that you are welcome to update the #0 post with more attendants, dates etc.

I will fly tomorrow, and I will be very busy for quite a while, and also, you have much more insight in competitions then me.

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  • May 30, ASUS | Thermal Grizzly | HWBOT Overclockers Gathering (8PM - 12AM)



  • May 30, ROG Press Conference
  • May 31, World Tour Day 1
  • May 31, GSKILL World Cup + World Record Stage
  • June 1, World Tour Day 2
  • June 1, GSKILL World Cup + World Record Stage
  • June 2, World Tour Day 3
  • June 2, GSKILL World Cup + World Record Stage
  • June 3, World Tour Day 4
  • June 3, GSKILL World Cup Grand Final + World Record Stage
  • June 4, World Tour Grand Final
  • June 4, GSKILL World Record Stage


Updated to my best of knowledge

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Regarding the World Tour, the (unofficial, unconfirmed) plan works in such a way that every day there's a qualifier + 1-vs-1 with small cash prizes for the top1/3. The winner of each day enters the final on Saturday.


So for the participants of the GSKILL contest, there should always be a way to try the WT as well.

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