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Wish you all good luck - I'm out.


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i don't need any of the winning stuff, i can afford it.

I was here for the fun of overclocking...

It's a "beginner" aka "noob league" for people who just start with overclocking...


But when i see people like him in this league:


He has even a LN2 pot, someone with a LN2 pot doesn't look like a beginner.


All the beginner stuff should be only for AirCooling, to have some competitive part here...

but look at this...




Begginers: Air Cooling

Adv: Water cooling

Elite+: phase cooling and LN2...


Yeah that league is just crap...

What so ever... wish you luck, the best "and legit" one should win.


Was fun.


PS. I'm not crying, i just don't run into things that i can't win. Me: (Air Scythe Ashura) vs Phase Cooling in OC battle.. yeah.. i don't need to even start my PC even when my PC hits 5.3Ghz @ 1.4v.

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Well....... I understand "Where" you're coming from yet know many comps are like this.


Also realize when a comp is setup it certainly won't be to everyone's liking and this time around at least it's not to yours. Look around, there is almost always a comp going on that's more or less geared to what you are looking for in terms of competition.

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To start with, this is probably going to be a long reply because I just don't know the meaning of short, unless it's "short story". There's a reason why my forum sig over at OCN quotes Bassplayer saying "Dont mind Wulfe, he's just working on his story one post at a time" or something to that effect. With that out of the way, let us continue ^_^


This post brought to you by a complete lack of cookies (I need to buy more), a mug of coffee (that went poof way too quickly imo), too much energy (despite it being 22:00 already), and a few aggrotech albums, but namely Hocico's "Tiempos de Furia" because I like that album. Ofensor's a fairly nice album too, and I've benched to it. ^_^ Or maybe Prodigy's "The Day is My Enemy" or "Invaders Must Die" as those two are nice as well. Mmmmm, music.


Also, I'm a guy. Saying that now because that whole silly joke that's gone on at OCN for a few years now needs to die, and stay dead. Sure, I've had long flowing hair just past the shoulders a few times, but definitely a guy over here. :P



Wow, three years and almost a month on the 'bot until someone used a rig shot of mine to try and start something. I'm actually somewhat honoured, and I'm not being sarcastic when I say that.


First and foremost though... I haven't been in the rookie league since Q4 2014, and I left the Novice league on June 26nd 2015 with my first dry ice submission. In fact, it's this one in particular: WhiteWulfe`s CPU Frequency score: 4499.6 mhz with a Core 2 Duo E8400 Needless to say, I do have some fond memories of that Duniek pot you pointed out, even if my main one nowadays is a Kingpin F1 Dragon Extreme - you can see part of the mounting hardware for that in the lower left. I don't quite understand why you're trying to say I'm posting or posing as a rookie, novice, or beginner bencher, because despite still having a TON to learn (team comms frequently have me asking TONS of questions, kind of the same thing for all of us arguably) I keep an eye on my own progress. It's nice to be able to look back and go "wow, I struggled with this or that, and now it's a quick flick of the wrist, and voila, taken care of" kind of deal. Sometimes. Maybe. Not always, but still.


Additionally, with regards to hardware what I have is nowhere near top-tier, especially where most of my submissions have been made... An Asus P5E with a custom Rampage Formula bios on it. Yup, I'm arguably an old school LGA 775 bencher, and even more "fun" with all of that is the fact that my 3770k isn't really all that much of a performer. Sure, it will do 5GHz for some things, but only if I put 1.52Vcore into it. Hell, even my mouse mats were only $20 CAD or so each, including shipping, and I chose Nasus and Teemo because of various reasons. Nasus is just cool, and Teemo is that jerk AP/AD guy - I mean hit and run fighter where strategy comes into play. So says the guy who hates playing League of Legends :P


Every piece of gear (minus the LGA 775 stuff) has been hand-me-downs from our gaming rigs - that Maximus V Formula/3770k used to be hubby's gaming rig, but now it serves as my "modern" bencher, and sometime next year I'll be adding a Z87X SOC Force/4770k as well as a Maximus IX Hero/7700k to the pile to play with when we update our gaming/content creation rigs to higher end kit. Over the past three years I've put maybe $1200 CAD into purchases that were specifically for benching, which when averaged out really isn't all that much, especially compared to those higher up guys who are actually serious about benching. ^_^ Give or take, about half of that was for a nice platform to use for benching (OpenBenchTable) and my F1 Extreme Dark.


Anyways! Going back to the comment about "it's supposed to be for beginners"... Please read the description as well as rules and realize that the competition was designed for ALL leagues to be able to compete in, although the first two stages are restricted to Ambient cooling methods. While I'm not a fan of how this particular competition was arranged (I would LOOOVE to be able to compete in the first and second stages!), I like how it's designed in a manner to be able to encourage the newer overclockers into pushing their gear... Prizes for first and second stage first place finishes are rather lovely, and extremely useful to those getting started, AND it's arguably easier to get MVP as a Rookie or Novice as you can submit to all FIVE stages.... Myself, the best I can possibly do overall is a maximum of 150 points for such (first place in stages 3,4, and 5) whereas a rookie arguably could get a lot more even with "just" top 5 finishes in first and second, then top 10 in stages 3-5 (174 points derived from 42+42+30+30+30).... And even better? The tie breaker is a stage that subzero benchers CANNOT RUN, so in order to beat out ANY Apprentice, Extreme, or Elite league member at the chance at the MVP prizes they literally would have to have just a Geekbench3 submission in combination with 150/100/50 points across all five stages respectively. Same thing regarding Extreme league members, except they can only get a maximum of 100 points total towards MVP.


I bench specifically for fun, as I feel it's the ONLY way to bench. Some do it for personal glory, or to constantly push themselves, but for me... It's pretty much just about having fun. It's why I'll do things like run an HD 6850 in Team Competition SC4: Stage 5, and then with them help of another teammate running a 6970 try to beat out a 6970/6950 pairing with hardware that arguably just isn't as good (and it isn't, the 6850 doesn't hold a candle to the 6950 in the grand scheme of things) - but it's what I had sitting around, so I used it.




Instead of complaining about people competing in categories they're allowed to compete in, especially when those people are actively going out and about within their own team to try and promote participation in a competition they may not necessarily have hardware for... I suggest looking at competitions you can specifically compete in such as the Rookie Rumbles. You would be amazed as to not only how much you can learn by doing those, but also tricks for your hardware you did not previously know. Efficiency is also something that is a HUUUUUGE skill one wants to learn, because it can be a great deal more useful than just outright brute forcing things on the 'bench.


Additionally... Back when I was a rookie, I absolutely busted my ass with benching various pieces of kit to test what I had, and to see where I could potentially go with it all... I even pushed my gaming rig beyond what I was doing to it with Folding@Home (and gaming) at the time, but no matter what I did, there was always someone who was just that little bit faster, somewhat more efficient, or just had better gear. Did I let it get me down? PENGUINS WITH GUNS, NO WAY! Yeah, I wrote nonsense so it didn't say BUNNY no, but that's off topic :P I used that to motivate myself, to push further... To learn my hardware even more. And y'know what? It helped me out, provided me that extra bit of drive to go further, even when I was BSOD looping for six hours straight just trying to get to 5.2GHz on an E8400 paired with a P5E. I got close, but wound up 25MHz short. Did I care? Nope, I beat the main goal I had - beating Christan Ney's P5E FSB by a decent amount, and that was dealing with an fsb wall that just couldn't budget for over two years on that board until I tried something different, and it worked. My best is now almost 35MHz faster than that of the goal I had set way back when I first went subzero on the board. Now I aim at a different target, and see where it all goes, but fun and learning along the way are still my two main driving forces.




Also, for the record... You don't even have to look that hard to see that I'm using a CoolerMaster 240mm AIO CLC - I like to have a lot of the other things around my benching rig because I like seeing if anyone notices some of the subtle little things I sneak into my rig shots (like the little "Forgive me" puppy that makes regular appearances in my rig shots, ESPECIALLY if I took out a teammate's HWTPP with a submission), and it's rather well known that I'm a subzero bencher since probably half to two thirds of my submissions are listed exactly as that, AND have frosty pics to go with them. My cooling pot(s) are also usually in the shot simply because I have to put them SOMEWHERE - there's only so much room in the living room to put things, and since everything is in the living room, I have to keep it relatively tidy. I do need to bring the coffee mugs back though, I miss having those in the shots.


I also don't use LN2. Yeah, seriously. I don't. I also spend something like 80 minutes every benching session breaking up my dry ice by hand so that it's small enough to use in my cooling pot, since 5/8" thick/diameter pelletized dry ice is the only way I can get it.





tl;dr: This competition is set up for all leagues to be able to participate, with some hardware and/or cooling restrictions in each category, as are most competitions. There are some that are ambient only, and every time one goes up some members of the Amateur, Extreme, and Elite leagues will voice their frustration with being unable to participate because of the league they're part of (and the assumption that once you go subzero, you only do subzero).

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anyone in a noob league can gain enough experience in a good team to run ln2 within a week of starting oc and buy a pot............. same with phase. its no harder to use a phase than a custom water loop.


one of the guys in my team was running ln2 before he even start subbing to hwbot on his own xD. its a new to hwbot leagues/competitions, not new to oc not new to pc building. Man up and get your own pot :P

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Wow, never thought I'd see one of my system pics outside of my own subs. But just thought I'd like to remind you that only stage 1 and 2 are limited to ambient cooling. Stage 3 is open to any cooling, I didn't even sub the optimal platform for frequency, I just subbed what I was benching at the time for team comp and changed my background. If you check out stage 1 and 2 you can still contribute greatly probably to your team. Which is what is important, this is not an individual effort. So what if you can't compete in 3 out of 5 stages? Your team mates that may be able to compete in those 3 stages can't even sub in 2 of the stages that you can be competitive in. Focus on working with your team for the team effort as that's what this comp is all about, team work.

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