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Whoah! 58x 2600K!!


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:D Now i m looking to buy a small SS ... my cascade is too cold for Snady Biatchh


give it a nice pink case to fit the theme :D


@rocco that cpu gave you some nice scores :cool:


@topic yeah with lower bclk higher multi is no problem - somewhere I have some screens with 57x with 97.X iirc even I could never boot 56x100

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its a frequency wall, not a multi wall but good to see ppl getting 58 and 59 :o noice :D


bloody hell Dumo that is a hell of a chip :D

UD7 otw:)

The question is can it finished all 3Ds with 58X and >100 BCLK, if its not then it will be the same like other 55X with 106 BCLK:)


But its all for the fun right? Nothing beat the view on the monitor screen when it shows Windows at 58X....after nine pieces of 53X top with >103 BCLK "good for validation" and 54X "stuck @ blinking cursor" 2600K craps

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you will find out when you start test5ing i guess man, it really depends on the chip more than anything


just use ET6 if you are using UD7


i boot at 100.3 and then just jack it up to what i need in windows. Highest ive been able to clock with very high ram is 105.8 or osmething like that on my chip


also get the F7e bios as it seems pretty decent in my testing atm and also use ALT+F12 to copy main to backup bios during startup so that dual bios doesnt kick in as much which can be annoying. i just flick the switch if i see it stuck on 4E or C1 and clear cmos and load profile and way i go again hehe

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