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Request. Combine categories... 9800GTX/ GTX+


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My thinking behind this is that there's a PCB crossover, a device ID crossover, the + is a re-named GTX and results between the cards cant be differentiated.... Im entirely convinced theres GTX+ scores in the GTX category (especially Vantage) that can never be moderated beyond reasonable doubt.



Any thoughts? :)

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Mine is that I would be ok cus giving more submissions to the hw and more boints btw ;)

But non "+" GTX's owners would be the loosers in this case I think :/ isn't it ?


It's fairly close :) My GTX scales with cold... my GTX+ had better RAM but didn't give me any extra MHz under dice


I actually agree with K404. There is very little difference (at least on the extreme end of the rankings) between the two cards, and since it's not possible to tell what card it is, perhaps merging is the best solution here:)



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Prolly best if you remove points from both categories?


On one side the jerks that put their scores in the wrong category will get even more points from the merge.


On the other side, Honest people lose some points from their profile.


No they won't. The "jerks" have their advantage removed and most people get more points... how many people compete in both GTX and GTX+ categories?


Some people will lose a few cups




Thanks Massman :)

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