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Please add a reminder to the Benchmate app about saving the results file. This was the first time I was benchmarking some tests using Benchmate, and I didn't know that they only required files. As a result of the session - two tests without files, two tests did not save files with the best results  :(((((


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Hello, I created a result that I want to submit to HWbot, but the problem is that I checked the "Remember me" checkbox with another account before and now I don't know how to change the profile without losing the result

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Posted (edited)

There is a client.json file in your BM install path. You can remove specific data in that file or remove the file completely. Start BM afterwards.

This does not impact your results.

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FYI: New BenchMate 11 Beta version is ready, but it will take 3 to 5 business days to release it. Microsoft has added a mandatory additional account verification to sign drivers and is now vetting my business. As soon as that's done it will be available for download.

This is the changelog for the new version:


    - You can finally bench AMD RX 6x00 series graphics cards and hopefully RX 7x00 cards as well. The Reduction Size needs to be set to 256, because these cards have limited shared memory available.
    - GPUPI for CPU now works with Intel OpenCL 3.0 runtime. It's the latest runtime that can be downloaded without registration: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/developer/articles/technical/intel-cpu-runtime-for-opencl-applications-with-sycl-support.html
    - Added multiple tweak options:
        - OpenCL Math Optimizations: Disabled, Safe, Unsafe, Fast - if you encounter a precision error, the OpenCL runtime does not work with that level of optimization.
        - Intel OpenCL Vectorizer: Enabled (Default), Disabled - gives you control over the automatic loop vectorization for CPUs (you will be surprised that Intel's default is actually slower)
        - Intel OpenCL Vectorizer Mode - fine-grained control of the width for the vectorization, if enabled
        - Intel OpenCL Instruction Set: Auto (Default), SSE4.2, AVX, AVX2, AVX512 - Auto will set the highest possible set, be sure to select Auto or at least AVX if you have enabled the Vectorizer
        - Intel OpenCL Loop Unroll Factor - higher value might be better
    - BenchMate now hooks the underlying Intel Embree raytracing framework for better error detection. If the raytracing workload reports an error, the run will correctly be flagged as invalid. This fixes the long-time CB bug that shows very high scores when the workload was not completely rendered due to an error (mostly because of a maxmem setting).
    - Added new options to apply a selected Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) and the Frequency Level. This allows to make use of a specific instruction set like AVX, SSE 4.2 etc.
    - BenchMate's internal run measurement now starts closer to the workload for better average measurements (ie: wattage)
    - Added an option for a run confirmation dialog like in Super PI
    - Improved anti-tampering support by verifying all loaded plugin dlls
- y-cruncher
    - Support for version 0.8.1
    - Added thread count to CLI wrapper options: All Threads (BenchMate), All Threads (y-cruncher), 1 Thread.
      It defaults to BenchMate's thread count detection to utilize all threads. This automatically fixes a y-cruncher bug that detects 48 threads on 7900X resulting in slower runs. This might affect other AM5 CPUs as well (not the 7950X though).
    - Experimental bugfix for several warnings that need user input to continue
- Super PI now validates the number of loops that are calculated
- Added AMD Unsafe tweaks for Vermeer to wPrime and all CINEBENCH versions

Features & Improvements

- Improved installer speed
- Added new result dialog theme: Noctua
- Various visual improvements for result dialogs
    - Improved text readability by using Lato as list text font
    - Added validation/warning icons for detected CPU name and bus-dependent frequencies
    - Added black icon set for ASRock AQUA and Noctua theme
    - Improved rendering of benchmark names
    - Improved rendering of Options/Tweaks by using multiple lines, if necessary
- Added SMBIOS support to improve security with spoofing of CPUID brand strings. If data from CPUID and SMBIOS is different, both will be displayed in the result dialog to help with moderation.
- Added CPU architecture and CPUID family, model and stepping to result dialog to help with the identification of CPUs
- Using SMBIOS to supply full core and thread count on CPUs with disabled cores
- Implemented new NUMA Windows API to support new multi-group node-affinity of Sapphire Rapids (Windows 11 only)
- Improved error message for HWBOT uploads that respond with HTTP error code 403 due to the CPU or GPU missing in the HWBOT Submission API database
- Removed F7 hotkey (flush cache) in favor of CPU-Z's hotkey to save a validation file
- Improved detection of unknown Windows 10 and 11 versions
- Updated HWiNFO to version 7.51 (fixes Command Rate detection on AM5, improved support for RTX 40x0 GPUs, ...)
- Updated tools: HWiNFO 7.50, CPU-Z 2.0.6, GPU-Z 2.54

Internal changes

- Added support to detect AMD Meltdown/Spectre mitigation flags and log them to client.log (or the Debug Console in BenchMate). This will be useful in an upcoming version of BenchMate.
- Improved detection of CPU models higher than Skylake to determine if QPC/LAPIC timer is a safe option
- Detect Hygon Dhyana as Zen-based CPU


- Fixed bug with missing cpu short names of Ryzen ES CPUs in the result list
- Fixed GPUPI frozen on startup with Korean language setting (thx safedisk)
- Fixed detection of Windows Server 2022

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Added thread count to CLI wrapper options: All Threads (BenchMate), All Threads (y-cruncher), 1 Thread.
      It defaults to BenchMate's thread count detection to utilize all threads. This automatically fixes a y-cruncher bug that detects 48 threads on 7900X resulting in slower runs. This might affect other AM5 CPUs as well (not the 7950X though).

y-cruncher always doubles up the # of threads/tasks if the core count is not a power-of-two.

Is this backfiring only on the Zen4 7900X? Or is it backfiring on older chips as well.

This is something I added many years ago to help get around load balancing issues of running DnC algorithms on non-power-of-two core chips. But I've never re-evaluated whether that is still helpful.

upL_t BasicParallelism::default_tds(){
    upL_t tds = Environment::GetLogicalProcessors();

    //  If it's not a power-of-two, double it up to help alleviate load imbalance.
    if ((tds & (tds - 1)) != 0){
        tds *= 2;

    return std::min(tds, (upL_t)YMP_MAX_THREADS);


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The options in the CLI wrapper are there to avoid any hassle with the command line. That ensures that only safe command line options are passed and that the benchmark is easly accessible for newcomers.

So I'd rather don't want to make it available and find myself in the predicament to whitelist or blacklist the options.

If there is the need to control the exact number of threads, I can happily make it available as an option.

The priority is already handled by BM and the CLI wrapper the same way it is handled for any other benchmark (right click on the benchmark in the benchmark list => Priority => ...).
I heard that there is a bug with y-cruncher running it as low priority. I will fix it (maybe by passing the priorty command line option).

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Yeah, that "bug" with y-cruncher running in low priority is because it explicitly sets its own priority to below average on program launch. Thus it overrides whatever environment setting there is to launch it as. Only the built-in priority option can change this behavior.

I didn't realize this was a big deal until I watched one of Buildzoid's streams and he spent a silly amount of time trying to work around this. And he couldn't add extra parameters to the command line.

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I fixed the priority setting in BenchMate and it correctly forwards that priority to y-cruncher.

In addition it is now possible to select the benchmark's priority in the CLI wrapper options. Makes it more accessible and easier to play around. It works for all CLI benchmarks (pifast, 7-Zip and y-cruncher).

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I also wanted to give an update here about the launch date of BenchMate 11. I am still waiting on Microsoft to come through so they reenable my Partnernet Hardware account to be able to sign BenchMate's driver for an official release.

I also checked if there is a way around the signing by using the driver version of BM 10.12. It's sadly not possible, so we have to wait on Microsoft.


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BenchMate 11.0.5 is now available to the public: https://benchmate.org/

🔥 Supports y-cruncher 0.8.1 and 0.8.2 (bundled)
🦉 Noctua Theme
🔥 New CPUID verification to warn on spoofed CPUs
🔥 Modern Radeon cards are now able to run GPUPI
🔥 New GPUPI for CPU tweaks for latest Intels OpenCL runtimes
🔥 New CINEBENCH R2x tweaks

Check the Changelog: https://benchmate.org/changelog/11.0.5

Please donate to keep the project alive: https://t.ly/lndkO

Have fun ❤️

Edited by _mat_
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