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REV4 up and running! Questions, suggestions, feedback goes in here


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No, it's planned for 4.2 (1 Aug) as 4.1 has more urgent features (advanced search).


Thank you very much for putting an effort into bringing back the advanced search feature so soon.


Been a while since I pushed your paypal donation-banner now. Got to have it on a reminder for pay-day :)

Keep up the good work. There are more people appreciating it than voice their praise!

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Will livestreams be visible on frontpage later, as it was on rev3? like "1 channels LIVE now" etcetc, based on user profile settings? It was nice to see, what stream is on now, if any :)


Not in the short run. The way it was implemented in rev3 made the website ofter respond very slow. It seems the livestream api is sometimes very slow to respond.

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Please could you generate this tab for teams, a list of all HW used. Would make point tracking slightly easier until you get an API available.


Also can we have lists of all the HW possible available again, like in Rev. 3. I don't really want to go probing your open php db output with my own code without permission.

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If you get kicked from the enthusiast league it means you have submissions with extreme (non water or air) cooling.


No, no, vice versa, but I got my answer... I need to have result(s) with extreme cooling, right?


EDIT: BTW, what's with my join date? I wasn't even born back then. :D

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livestream api is sometimes very slow


Maybe possible to make user to be able to "report" his livestreaming session. Like button "Put channel online". So when user going LIVE he just press btn and enable live on hwbot, after session over - stops :) Like announce

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Where can i find compare (cpu/gpu) section, like in old hwbot?





Will be back the first of july ;)

As we said many times before




Incorrect. v4.1 contains advanced search and captain/mod tools. Compare tool is 4.2 (1 aug) at best.


You can track releases here:




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Example: http://hwbot.org/user/turrican/

I think it would be a good idea if a total sum of one's hardware and global points could be visible in their profile, not only those that count towards the pro/overclocker/enthusiast ranking. (otherwise the hardware masters rank doesn't give you insta-updates so you don't know how much hardware points exactly you have gained)

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