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AMD HD7970 fourth touch: 1680MHz and 14791 done...


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Latest results are in the end of thread!!!


Latest score is this:





Old post 08.01.2012



We had small oc event in north of Finland this weekend and I had some time to test 7970 card.

I had huge amount of issues and I was very frustrated with the card.

Powertune is giving serious scaling issues because more MHz there was, more crappy scores came out.


Card was able to run 1600MHz, but there was no point to run full tests, cause performance was not correct.


I will post my scores to hwbot database tomorrow.


Here are the "best" runs.

Unigine heaven was a joke, cause it did not scale at all with the clocks and 3dm11 was not correct either.

I think Vantage is closest to normal performance.




(HWB Unigine with 5GHz CPU)



(3Dmark11 1.0.1 :( with 5GHz CPU)



(Vantage with 5,6GHz CPU)




Me and Atso (Asmola) will do some Quad Crossfire runs on Assembly winter 2012. We have good CPU now, so it will be fun.

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Wow that's one hell of 3930K!


Need to put some work into 32m efficiency :P


He did not bother yet :) Atso just tested how high he can get in raw mhz.


I learned yesterday, that you need a lot more mods for the vga card (10?) and when screen goes black, it is still ok to run :) I did not want to run test with black screen, but next time I will try it.


Info about the card: Voltages were 1.45V - 1.55V (1.57V ovp/ocp). Temperature -80C up to -150C (Black screen around -140/-150C) Normal asus bios, no special mods.


Maybe it is better to wait non reference cards, so there is less issues.

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Ok, figured out the OVP mod for these cards just a moment a go. 1.6V and 1500MHz was ok at -70C. I had only 2 liters of ln2 left, so I just quickly did some 20 seconds of 3dm11 GT1. I will need to pick up more ln2 to verify this mod.


It is super easy, so anyone can figure it out in 2 minutes. If someone else want to share it, do so. I will wait until I know it wont kill your cards.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I got my second HD 7970 card this week. It is better than previous one.

Will do more serious attempts later with this.


It was running 1700mhz through game tests but it crashed just in the beginning of combined test and that happened twice :)

Then I run out of ln2 like so so many times before.


I think this card can be pushed 1700MHz+ in assembly winter in few weeks and it will be paired with asmolas 3930K.






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