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Send Beier to Computex (project "Boxed In")

Mean Machine

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Now, since we're all tired of this M.Beier (at least us in Europe), I figured we'd give ourselves a break. Therefore, I've created the "Send Beier to Computex in a crate" foundation, which strives towards making Europe M.Beier-free for week 23 of 2012. The idea is that we will get hold of a crate big enough, and send him to Taipei by UPS.




Unfortunately, there is an issue with having to ship him in one piece, logistics wise, but I'm not confident laws will allow us trying to reassemble him. As an added incentive for Mr. Beier himself, he will be given the opportunity to be the star of a sure-fire hit-documentary called "Boxed In" where he will document his 48-72 hours of being treated as the unnecessary cargo he is, food and supplies will all be paid for with donations - enough batteries for the camera to last 10-15h of footage during the trip, a cozy blanket, etc.


I feel you all are itching to support the cause. Make Europe a Beier-free zone for W23. And become a part of the best documentary you'll ever see at the same time. Use the button below.



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IIRC, the international laws do not allow shipping of live animals via regular package so you'll have to pre-kill him first


This can be arranged for a small additional donation. Think of it like the collection in church.



Donated Jonas... I want pictures though otherwise I want my money back !


As said in the opening post - there will be a full documentary supporting it.

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My suggestion:


Cargo train from Denmark to Vladivostok (Nice trip in Russian winter).

Then cargo ferry to North Korea and in there mules will carry him through country (I hope starved people wont see the text bacon on the side of box)

Then direct cargo ferry to Taiwan.



Should be quite cheap, but I will donate a lot of money anyway! Bye Marc!

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