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I don't know what to say...


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What is wrong here we have 6 hd4870 and 1 HD4870x2 so therefor ´we have 8 4870 cores there is no cheating!!


i will upload pics of all the cards soon! stop herassing us it must stop now i have bought over 100 diff. cards from ebay over the hole christmass..


Cards cost nothing on ebay in denmarks turms.. and money are good in DK..


What would you have us to do when we bench toghter ??


I cant understand what the problem is??

We had a 6 day bench session with over 100 cards to bench..

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Can I ask....... Did you bench 4 cards and get a round of scores.... then switch to another 4 cards and get a second round of scores?



The BEST-CASE scenario is that you got all your results mixed up and submitted some of each others results by accident.

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I cant understand what the problem is u are saying we cheat wy??


We are not doing HW sharring we also have 10+ 8800gtx and 10+ 8800ultra cards we are gonna bench on soon and 8800gt cards as well and 9800gt and we have over 10 cards of 3850 and 3870

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