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der8auer ECC goes pro!


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Hey fellow overclockers out there!


Withing over five years of extreme overclock I have always created and successfully used my own LN2/DICE containers. Normally I just produced about 3-5 pots, kept one for myself and sold the rest.

Finally I made the step and founded "der8auer ECC" (Extreme Cooling Components) which means more products and constant availability for you :)

I want to thank everybody who supported me within the last years - especially my family, team PCGHX, HWBot and everybody else who bought my products and made this possible :D


For prices and more details check out: http://www.der8auer.de !




Let's start with the first product: Fusion Pot rev3!


Raptor rev2 (Full-Copper GPU Pot) will follow within few weeks :)




Fusion rev3


- 2.20 kg weight

- 170 mm height

- 70 mm diameter




















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it can be thinner. i would assume which helps in some way


Yea that's the point. I had 10 mm POM in the past and some ppl said it would be better to have a thinner backplate which doesn't work with plastic.


I always put 13 or 10 mm Armaflex between Mainboard an backplate so it doesn't matter whether it's steel or POM :)



I wish you the best of luck with it bro :D


Thanks :D

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Nice on Roman!


Some critics for the design. The groove system and base size are not well balanced. I think you will not have optimal power handling / heat transfer with that design, cause you have thick base and relatively small surface area for ln2 :)

Of course, I might be wrong, cause I have just seen these pictures, but not the actual product in my own hands.


That plastic mounting bracket is not what I would like to see in 2012. It is so last season and I think we had a nice conversation about them during Cebit :D


I like the fact that you choose grooves as well to your product. It is always better than just holes, but there is still some improvements you need to do in to rev4.

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Thx Pete!


Actually it performs realy nice. Don't forget: It's not a LN2 only pot like your design. It's also a pot which works realy good with DICE as I have a lot of customers who want to bench with DICE aswell.


The question is why do you want to see a aluminium bracket in 2012?


One of my first pots (pic taken early 2008)




So actually aluminium mounting is 2008 for me and not 2012 :D Also plastic is not just plastic ;) I tested 4 different kinds of plastic within the years and this one is just perfect for containers.


Here you can see the same material (just different colour) after a benchsession with AMD CPUs - and you know this means full pot and -180°C. As you can see there is not much ice on the mounting bracket even when using these temperatures. That's because the of the different heat conductivity.


Pics taken by Ninjalane:







Compare to SF3D IP:





Heat conductivity:


Aluminium: 236

POM: 0,31


So the heat conductivity of POM is 760 times lower than aluminium. This means if you cool down your pot you don't wast energy (LN2) to cool down a thick aluminium bracket. During the benching you will always need more LN2 to keep your mounting bracket cold aswell. And you have ten times more ice around an aluminium bracket than POM.


About the conversation on CeBIT: I sold about 50 pots so far in the last years and 48 of them with POM bracket. I had huge complaints about aluminium brackets because of the ice everywhere so I changed it over 4 years ago. And so far nobody complaint about the POM bracket :D

The low heat conductivity doesn't only mean low cooldown - it also means it takes ages to heat it up. If you use a torch on your pot (and I hope you use it inside to heat up the pot and not the mounting bracket as you can see on the picture above) there is no problem if you hit the POM bracket. POM starts to get ductile at around 180°C. I tested it with my torch and even after one minute straight on mounting bracket I did not reach this temperature!

If you use the torch normal inside the pot it will never affect the mounting bracket.

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As you can see there is not much ice on the mounting bracket even when using these temperatures.


This is really important to me :) Different POMs/ "plastics" react a bit differently.... e.g.... nylon is terrible for condensation. POM is quite good. Some do not appear to conduct heat at all, but I cannot remember which exact structure that is. IIRC, it is quite "chalky"

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Would be interesting to know which one you mean exactly :D


Well "Materials" is part of my studies and we discussed about 40 different types of plastic. So I tested POM, PVC, PTFE and PUR.


PTFE, PUR and PVC have a even lower heat conductivity with about 0,17-0,25 but they are more ductile than POM which means if you put too much pressure on the mounting braket it can start to bend. This does not happen with POM so that's why I picked it :)

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Roman, I did not mean to insult your product anyway, as you know ;)


If you insulate your pot properly with 1 sheet of toilet paper with flowers or heart shaped figures on it, there is no issue with aluminium bracket: http://hwbot.org/forum/showpost.php?p=161548&postcount=23

I have done 6 hour sessions without any issues and others have done the same :)


But, there might be issues if you don't know how to insulate. Many people will need to learn it during many sessions, so it might be problem for beginners.


Aluminium is my way to go. Better mounting and it wont take any damage, no matter what you do with it.

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@ knut: POM and alu are about the same price :)


@ Pete: Yea I know :D Never took it that way :) I agree that there is no issue with ice on the bracket but some ppl kinda think that way or just don't like the ice there.

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I also use pom for my pots but also for the tube instead of alu or copper theres is never any ice at the top only at the bottom on the copper it self.


The pom tube is 75mm in DIA. and the Pom is 14mm in thikness

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BTW those pics by "Ninjalane" are actually mine :) I'm glad they are getting some mileage (or kilometers outside of the US)


I love the POM top, the machine work is a prefect and the fit on the pot is quite snug. No chance that it will rotate on you. In fact the washers that sit between the springs and the top disappear in the POM material like they didn't exist.


As for the backplate, I was one of the folks that didn't like the thick POM and normally use the stainless plate that came with my phase to secure the pot. My biggest battle is how to install it all. All-thread is impossible to work with and my phase came with some really long 4mm screws so the screwhead would act as the bottom nut. Its nice but takes forever to run that nut down to the bottom and the screws aren't long enough for the pot.


To be honest, a threaded base like what KP uses seems to be the best solution in most cases.

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