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Christian Ney

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I sent the following CPU to RMA at Intel because it died:

Intel i7 920 SLBCH 3839A624-0570


via DHL like they asked (like usual) to:

Intel CWP

DHL Supply Chain

Zwenkgras 23

5986 Beringe



Yesterday I received a package from DHL (not the same package I sent)

There was a neopren protection + a CPU box (blister) and a CPU inside.

Guess what it is the one I sent: Intel i7 920 SLBCH 3839A624-0570



So I write an email to Intel asking why the hell they sent me back the exact same CPU ?


Intel : Thank you for your email. Please be aware that we have never received your CPU.


Me : So can you explain me how come the sender of the package is:?

DSC Beringe - Intel

Mr. xxxxx xxxxxx

Zwenkgras 23

5986 PM Beringe

NL Netherlands, The



Intel : Our data indicate that we have not yet received the product subject to an order of parts under warranty.






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Pretty well actually: :D


Dear Mr Ney,

Thank you for replying.

In order to exchange the CPU, providing it is still within warranty, could I please have the following information read directly from the CPU:

SL or SR number (3. line on the metal casing of the CPU)

FPO number (5. line on the metal casing of the CPU)

ATPO number (white writing on the rim of the CPU)

If possible, could I also request a copy of the invoice of the CPU to be attached to your reply to this E-mail. This would then make the case complete and I can pass all details on to the warranty team who will deal with your exchange.

Kind Regards



Hello Dear,


Glad to see it took only 3 weeks to Intel to reply to the last email just asking those informations.


Anyway here are the info you asked:


Intel 08 i7-920

Intel Core i7

SLBCH Costa Rica

2.66 GHz/8M/4.80/08





As for the invoice please check attached file.


Best Regards



Dear Mr Ney,


Thank you for providing us with the information I asked for.


I'm very sorry that you feel that we have neglected you, however, your ticket was forwarded to us only today by our support center overseas. I apologise for the delay.


As I have understood, you have cross tested this CPU in two different board and they both exhibit the same behaviour, that it doesn't boot.


Would it be possible to have a copy of the invoice of the CPU, so that I can complete the ticket and forward everything to the warranty department in order to process your exchange, providing it is still within warranty.


Kind Regards



Hello Dear,


Please read carrefully my previous email (the one you just replied to) and you will find the following sentence, I quote : ''As for the invoice please check attached file.'' therefore you will find the file attached if you do not miss it this time.


Then check attached file of either the previous email or this one and you will find the invoice of the cpu.


Best Regards




Edited by Christian Ney
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As I said in my former email, we have no records that the CPU was received by our depot. This suggests to me that you sent your faulty product under the wrong order number. So if you wrote the wrong order number on the box, our depot will send it back to you.


If you would like me to investigate and to tell you exactly why you have received back your faulty CPU, please provide DHL airway bill (tracking number) and I will contact DHL and we will tell you exactly the reason why your product was sent back to you from our depot.



So they never received it at their depot, but they managed to sent it back to me from their depot.





Getting better

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Let's continue:


Dear Mr. Ney,


> Thank you for your email.


I am sorry if my email was not clear for you. I was not asking you to provide the shipping number DHL from our Depot to you. I asked for the tracking number that you finally provided (xxxxxxxxxx).


According to the report we received from our depot on 20/06/12, a CPU: ( N3836029A0570 3839A624) was received from a company called: Netlmedien AG, with no RMA number on the box.

As no RMA number was on the box, we were unable to find your case or to contact you. So my colleague has advised the depot to ship the product back to the customer. (By the way, also the phone number you provided is not correct).



Hello Dear,



I gave the instructions to DHL, they even wrote my name, the address number of the building and the name of the company wrong so I guess they also forgot to write the RMA Number on the package. But I it is crystal clear that I wrote the RMA Number ont the package I gave them. He must have changed the package then or overed the number with a new package.


You asked to use DHL, I used DHL.


As for the phone number, which one are you talking about ? the one wrote previously in the email ? Yes may not work anymore as they blocked my line yesterday.


Anyway, do I have to send again the processor ?

Weren't the Depot able to track the number of the processor and see that it was a RMA case ? Weren't they able to look for RMA case opened by Christian Ney or whatever, are they so retarded ?


Well if I have to send it again I will make sure the RMA number will be well available this time trust me.


Best Regards

Christian Ney[/Quote]



Guess what I will do :D





Wonder if my soldering iron is powerful enough to mark the rma number on the IHS of the processor, let's find out!

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Worked hard:




Little bit ink for my masterpeace



Explanation email to Intel:

Dear "whoever reply this time",


As last time seems you missed the SWR number on the package but not the CPU numbers I made sure you won't miss the SWR number this time.


Ho and as I don't have any "box package" this time to write the number on, let's write it on the "CPU package".


Best Regards

Christian Ney

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