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Christian Ney

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Worked hard:




Little bit ink for my masterpeace



Explanation email to Intel:

Dear "whoever reply this time",


As last time seems you missed the SWR number on the package but not the CPU numbers I made sure you won't miss the SWR number this time.


Ho and as I don't have any "box package" this time to write the number on, let's write it on the "CPU package".


Best Regards

Christian Ney


Riiiight ... pretty sure you will get an RMA now ...

he's as good as golden!

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Any news ? According to the tracking number, you received the processor 4 days ago.


According to my system, we still did not receive your faulty product.

Please provide the tracking number so that I will be able to investigate this issue.



Again ? Are you kidding me, it is the second time I send it to you and both time you said ''we did not receive your processor''.


Is there an hidden camera or something ?


As for the tracking number:





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I can confirm now that we have received your faulty product. We regret to advise you that we are unable to offer you repair replacement or a refund. Your product has been rejected by our quality control and I will email you soon the full statement and the reason your product has not been accepted.
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