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Dear Mr. Ney,


Thank you for your interest in Intel® products.


After a detailed inspection of the returned CPU by our quality control department, we have concluded that the product listed below was physically damaged. Therefore, in accordance to our terms and conditions – Customer Induced Damage (CID) – the product is not eligible for warranty support.


Order Number: 7500794068


FPO: 3839A624 "presumed"

ATPO: 2V828112M1172 “real”

CID Return Reason: top of the CPU had been filed down


The CPU was rejected because the top of the CPU had been filed down to the point neither the FPO nor the S-spec numbers were visible.


So now that the unit was scanned and we had the ATPO (2V828112M1172), we traced it and it doesn't match the FPO (3839A624) that you provided us to create the RMA.


Please be aware that now this ATPO has been scanned in our records, so the unit is CID and not valid for RMA (even if you provide the correct FPO next time!).


Thank you for contacting Intel warranty support.


Kind regards,



Hi Dear,


Okay fine, let's end this joke, had enough fun testing Intel's RMA dep. But don't take me wrong, I am just retarded and wrote the RMA number on the CPU package.

Will arrange a DHL pick up next week and send you again the processor.


But still I would like my lovely filed down processor to be back home and not in France wherever you sent it, it's a masterpiece and I spent time and money to do it.


And don't tell me that when I change address I have to call the whole planet to tell them.


Last RMAs I had with Intel they always asked me the address and also to confirm it. Furthermore when you sent back the processor the first time it was the right address, anyway we talked about that on the phone.


PS: And the DHL tracking number you provided me is not the one you gave me a while back:





So did DHL automatically rerouted it?

Btw, signed by Ney could mean that my brother picked it up at the post office (he is still living down there in France).


Best Regards

Christian Ney

PS: Sorry for the headache

Edited by Christian Ney
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Hehe, somebody gonna run into troubles


Hello Dear,


I went to France this week-end to my old living place, so my brother is still living there and he indeed signed the DHL package (reason why on the tracking it is written signed by NEY). But he had to pay 52 Euros of VAT.


Yes, DHL charged 52 Euros of VAT, I guess due to several reasons:

- Shipped first to switzerland with wrong address (outside EU) by mistake then rerouted to France (inside EU) (by mistake again)

- As the Commercial Invoice was written as "Boxed Intel Processor with a value of 267.18 USD" and not "return of a defective product without any commercial value".


Wow due to both mistakes, had to pay 52 Euros.


I did attach to this email the bill, please do check with DHL for a refund, you made several mistakes you fix them, none of my business but I want the money back.

Also following you find the previous email I sent you.


I remain always at your disposal for any further questions or assistance.


And as always, have a nice day!


Best Regards

Christian Ney,

PS: Sorry for the headache

Edited by Christian Ney
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dear Mr. Ney,


Thank You For Your Email.


According To My Knowledge, I Think You Are Right; You Should Not Pay The Transport Fees. I Have Escalated This Issue To Dhl Asking Them To Investigate This Issue And To Reimburse You. Hopefully The Reimbursement Will Be Authorised. Any Way I Will Keep You Updated.


Thank You For Contacting Intel® Warranty Support.


Kind Regards,



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