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any news on how this is going?




Track it:




Looks like they sent it back... But they failed the address :nana:



Looks like a fusion of my old address in france and the invoice address in Geneva while I am living in Zurich (and I sent it from here)... WTF

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Of course Xtreme Addict !! A shame! It's theft in that case...


Lol! Friend of mine sent in reference card and got lightning back so it goes both ways

Western Digital gave me a Raptor74 back from RMA, back in the days. I formated it and it crashed at the OS intall :rolleyes:

I made a CN's like e-mail to tell them how furious I was! They made apologize and gave me a Velociraptor150 telling it was'nt necessary to send them the deffective 74G harddrive.


I was very happy :) ...and now I wish I will have such luck with all my raptor drives for the next 10years xD

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I still have a Dell XPS M1730 in use, even gaming on it every day.

They changed the 8800M GTX SLI allready 4 times since it's still in warranty untill 31/07/2013.

Been reading on several fora Dell doesn't have spare parts for this model anymore, and they are sending you a new Alienware.


Let's hope it fails again :P

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Honestly, the way a company handles RMA's is a make or break for the respect i have for them.


Example #1: i will never in my life buy something from OCZ again.


Example #2: I will be loyal to my 2 favorite Swedish webshops, cause the always handled my RMA's great, and send free candy with it :D:D

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OCZ are nice. They once offered me 40€ back for one of their eSATA memories, whatever they were called. Price at that moment was ~150€. It was two or three months old.


EDIT: Oh, and I managed to get a 3x2GB kit of RAM back. That was DOA.

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