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CPU-Z 1.61 is out! Bugs, feedbacks go in here

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Wow, put out 3 bugged versions and block those that still work.


Mostly unrelated, but I always had a vague curiosity of why CPUID.com distributed the application, but validation was handled at canardpc.com. Never was curious enough to ask or look into it, but I always thought that was weird.

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So I guess these is no point in doing am3+ high freq runs until this is figured out?


Im putting off ordering LN2 for the time being until this is figured out.


You can get a legitimate non bugged screenshot / validation file if you open cpu-z last after overclocking on the fly, only problem is it will still come under scrutiny because no results can really be trusted at the moment.

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Okay Franck D. (CPU-Z) did testing the whole day on my system via remote controll from his place.


Bugs are fixed (at least the know ones) and seems the precision is close to cpuz 1.59 but not as good (impossible to be as good or better).


Why ? Blame microsoft (long story)


So I asked him to release it asap and not name it cpuz 1.61.


Will double check everything tomorrow but i tested his last version and seems working fine.


If you encounter any clocks reading problems or any cpuz related problems with current version, please report here so we can work on.

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because microsoft use the same api as cpuz in windows 8 therefore they get in conflic that's why cpuz 1.59 and lower were completely bugged in windows 8. Franck D. had to move to another api that seems shit, not very precise and he need to calibrate it. for AMD he did the calibration on Llano that's why Llano is not affected by bug but Llano calibration doesn't work on AM3.



This explain the such difference between cpuz 1.6x and cpuz 1.59 and before.



Btw all other clocks reading software will have to move to another api as well because microsoft used it and doesn't want to share related stuff.


So blame Microsoft

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Wait a second, what API are we talking about here? It's safe to assume no WMI is used, so all he has to do is retrieve a specific range from system memory (c/asm) and make use of it.


For those interested: http://wiki.osdev.org/Memory_Map_(x86)



Me no have technical details


Nvm https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7LwI1tJ08joWkd4Ti1seUsySEE

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