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CPU-Z 1.61 is out! Bugs, feedbacks go in here

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Last version of CPU-Z is online, free of clocks reading bugs, please use this one (1.61.2) and not previous ones, support for 1.60.x and 1.61.0/1 will be dropped shortly http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z/versions-history.html


If you have any weird behavior please report here, thanks for your help.


Bugs fixed:

Trinity memory clock reading (was divided by 2)

AMD Bulldozer/K10 clock reading (multi bug, htt bug, oc bug and so)

LGA775 multiplier higher than stock one causing false clock reading on unlocked processors

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Ok, uploaded some screenshot on imgur - http://imgur.com/a/KvRl0

Explaining one by one, although it's visible what i did.

System info

- Phenom II X2 555 unlocked to B55, running at 3.8, 2.8 cpu-nb and 1600 memory

Crosshair IV Formula, Windows 7 x64 Ultimate


1. set multi on first core one notch up, resulting in 3.9GHz for the first core only, cpuz thinks I've reduced the fsb by 5-6MHz

2. multi set to lowest x4, cpuz thinks I've increased the fsb to 953Mhz, which leads to memory at 3813 (DDR3-7626) and uncore at 13.34GHz

3. fsb set to 205, nothing happens on cpu-z. TurboEVO crashed

4. multi on first core set to 1 notch down (0.5x), fsb goes 6MHz up according to cpuz

5. Correct 24/7 settings


Opening cpuz after setting multi/fsb doesn't change a bit, still reads wrong clocks

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I use an Gigabyte 990FX UD3 and have same Problems with 960T, it doesn't matter how many cores i use.


can you give us some more info about the setup ?

CPUZ 1.61.2 ?


if so please send a report.txt non bugged and a report.txt bugged (tell me the real clocks or what clocks should be read) to christian [at] hwbot.org . Many Thanks

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My turn.

I have a Pentium Pro 200 and versions from 1.60 up to 1.61.2 do not fully support the cpu, the ram or the motherboard. And I get the following report when trying to validate




Better support in version 1.59, still no motherboard but at least it shows the cpu n ram speeds but of course cant validate because its an older version :rolleyes:




Why is support for ANY cpu removed when making a newer version?

How would I go about submitting my runs with the above issues?

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I'm losing speed with the New 1.61.2 revision here. Can I please use the far more stable 1.60 and see if we can get cpu-z to get the validator to comply with 1.60 until the comp is over or they have something stable.


Getting cpu speed readouts as low as 26.xx mhz...


Here's an example of a 4mhz loss. The speed is constantly moving around as well.




Also the new cpu-z rev. can not see my windows oc. I find it useless at this point.


See pics below.


Thanks for any help yes?

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