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OC Kingston HyperX T1 2333 c9


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I found information saying that Elpida BDBG ICs are not good for OC


but apparently not so


watch the results of these Kingston T1 2333 MHz provided by oZeros.com and Kingston Chile


the hardware used is a 3770k (3240c354), Asus MVE & 2x1 Gb Kingston T1 2333 MHz c9 (CPU & Rams i use air cooling, 20°C)









2133 MHz 6-10-6-27-1T @1.65v



2300 MHz 6-10-6-27-1T @1.75v (1.766v real)



With 1.82v in BIOS (1.835v real) and without moving 2ry/3ry timings

2400 MHz 6-11-6-30-1T!






I think with a few tweaks I can get more


Excuse my bad English but I am using a translator


Greetings from Chile :D

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These really are good sticks, if they ever came out in dual sided 2GB flavor they would be pretty epic as they love volts and cold making them an ideal candidate for subzero memory benching.


I still think they are good for validation purposes and not to mention fun to bench.




Only dimms I have that can do trrsr 4 at 2800 and with only 1.78v

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As Farjam said, I have a triple channel kit which they are one side BDBG chips with 1Gb capacity. They are awesome for 2D tests but in 3Ds you need more capacity. Actually Kingston has a HyperX watercooling kits which they are BDBG both side chips with 2Gb capacity but they won't go as high as these rams. Anyway,,, I love them :D

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kingston made tons of 2gb bdbg


I have 2000 c9 which I use 90 percent of the time with bdbg ics I cant seem to find psc sticks that will beat them.

Also have 1600 and 1800 sticks with bdbg. They are great sticks and since all decen psc are gone from ebay they are alll I can seem to buy recently.

@loud kingston did make a 2333 dual sided 2gb stick but good luck finding them now. Pretty sure thats what sniperoz used for a long time.


heres my best with the 1gb sticks was going to try amd to push them but no money/time to do it. For this I used 1.8 volts on air http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2360248_ pretty sure thats just max my chip can do.

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You lose a couple of seconds at 32m and also a lot of points at 3D, besides the simple lack of mass(^^) at 2GB against four or more, at single sided sticks performance is worse than on dual sided stuff ( bank interleaving matter afaik)

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