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Haswell and 3DMark03 issues. Anyone else has this ?


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lo all,


I recently benched 2 x GTX580 SLI. The only benchmark I couldn't run my 05-06 stable settings on was 3DMark03. Not a lockup, but a complete shutdown of the setup occurred, mostly during GT1. Only one out of 10 runs completed succesfully. Very frustrating...




  • ASROCK Z97 OC Formula (1.8bios)
    4770K ES
    8GB 2666C10 Corsair RAM
    2 x GTX 580 296.10-327.23 driver
    Win7 (yes I know XP is better, but couldn't get SLi properly working)
    Corsair AX 1200i PSU


No idea what exactly was going on, as the GPU clocks and CPU clocks were rockstable in 3D06. Running the 580 cards at stock didn't help a bit, so we could rule that out. Switched OSses and GPU drivers, no cure either.



Only lowering the CPU clocks gave me more stability. However this should not be the case as again the above clocks were stable in other benchmarks.


One thing that increased stability was to disable the threaded optimization in the Nvidia control panel. 7 runs out of 10 passed, improvement, yet randomly still a shutdown occured.


Only way to get better stability on my setup was to lower the uncore (from 55 to 50) and reduce DRAM speed drastically ( from 2600 to 2133-2200MHz) then again could I run the CPU speed at +/-6100MHz


Has anyone else also had the same experience ? This behaviour really puzzles me...

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  • Crew



In XP i can run 03 at 6.5, in win7 i can run aqua at 6400 and VERY hard to pass 6430, so same as JJJC we losing 100 mhz in win7. Something is up!


I did notice my cpu take heavy strain on nature in 01SE xp when i OC'ed the titan past 1500, like there was some serious communication going on between the lanes. My F1 DARK with all that copper became hard to keep the cpu temp stable, had to double up my splashes! (imagine i was still on gemini) So maybe SLI just amplifies that? maybe the PLX boards are better choice? or like terra said PWM freq.


i always thought my chip couldnt run 6.5 3d, but i dropped my uncore from 6000 to 5500 then it ran easy, and 5700 was doable but close to limits and instant shutdown. Changing memory divider didnt do anything so i think the IMC is strong enough on this chip for samsung.


leeg try change the input volt frequeny plane shift settings (cant remember the exact names) but i believe i got better cb with it shifted +5 units or so.


Haswel is such a give or take CPU. if your CB is -100 and you go from 1.5v to 1.6v you might start cb'ing at -95, or if you add uncore, or if you add uncore volts, or if you OC gpu, its like the cb gets worse the more stuff going thru the PWM of the cpu. i had success getting better cb by lowering PCH / VIOA / VIOD volts. my vioa gets -.05v already haha


haswell is a fickle misstress

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no issues here. I've mainly benched 03 on Win7 and it is harder to get max CPU frequency to work but i did get it.


straight shutdown could be the result of moisture in first DIMM slot maybe?!? The fact it's only 03 is weird, try a new HDD and new install LOL


try a different board maybe also

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I can even replicate it on Air Dino :P So for sure it is not moisture related... It is so weird I can do everything, besides 03 till I lower the ram divider...


You know that 3D03 is a surprisingly system memory-heavy 3D bench, yet it doesn't affect the score "all that much?"

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I know, it looks wrong but it won't dent your score by much and hey.... it's better than not getting a score at all :D Great catch on the nVI setting though :)




Wait a sec.... have you tried a different PSU? "Random shutdown" with high CPU + RAM clocks. What are your PSU rails doing?

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