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How to add unsupported cards


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Please post here if you want to add a card which is currently not listed as working.


  1. Locate the VRM controller and note the markings. Preferably also take a high res picture showing the VRM and some of the surrounding area for tracking alternative soldering points.
  2. Check if the VRM controller is already supported or listed under possibly working. If not try to locate the datasheet. If you can't find any, post here and me or someone else will try to help.
  3. If you found the datasheet and can confirm it has 2-wire, I2C or SMBus support (PMBus is also supported), find the pins SDA, SCL and GND (any ground point will do) and connect them to the corresponding pins on the eVc device. After this connect the eVc to your computer and in the eVc software choose "Menu" at the top and then "Find devices". Post the result (a screenshot or just note what it says) here and I'll get working on it.


Currently supported VRM controllers or current DAC (memory/pll)


  • CHL8225/8
  • CHL8318
  • NCP/PCP81022
  • NCT3931
  • uP1811


Possibly working/work in progress


  • CHL8203/8212/8213/8214
  • VT1115/VT1165
  • ASP0800
  • uP6208

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I suspect pins 24 and 25, SM_DIO (=SDA pin) and SM_CLK. However I don't know what the SV_DIO/ and SV_CLK/ -pins are for :D


Yup, correct. SV-pins are for AMD Serial VID-interface (SVI).


and if you could do original Epower 0.1 untouchables, that'd be amazing.


Which VRM controller? The I2C pins should be the same as on later version since they are all supported by evbot.

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