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Portable Benchmarks: all-in-one benchmark installer


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Because I'm testing daily something new, the time spent gathering the benchmarks needed to run -so many new ones- had to be somehow reduced.

With ninite.com in mind, I decided to make my own offline installer that would install all needed benchmarks and their dependencies in one click, and remove them just as easily.


Constrained by size of the benchmarks, I will split this project into separate installers:


  1. 2D Benchmarks
    v1.6 FULL (All 2D benchmarks, sorted by categories).
    Source Code: https://gist.github.com/GENiEBEN/8549147
    Binaries: The Hardware Database
    v1.6 LITE (Only benchmarks with HWBOT points).
    Source Code: https://gist.github.com/GENiEBEN/8549239
    Binaries: The Hardware Database
  2. 3D Benchmarks (coming soon)
  3. OC Tools (coming soon)

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NOTE: PCMark04 and 05 are not installed silently, and they are not removed by uninstaller. To remove them use their own uninstaller. This will be fixed in a future revision.




Portable Benchmarks 2D v1.6 25/OCT/2014

*Redistributable changes: Downgraded JRE 1.7.51 to JRE 1.7.18 (better performance), Added VS2013 (32/64) for y-cruncher.

*Software upgrades: CPU-Z 1.69 to 1.71, GPU-Z 0.7.7 to 0.8.0, XTU to, FMSI 4.26 to 4.30, GeekBench 3.1.5 to 3.2.2, Passmark PerformanceTest 8.0.1031 to 8.0.1041, WinRAR 5.10 beta1 to 5.20 beta2, y-cruncher v0.6.4.9424 to

*Bugs fixed: XTU was not uninstalled along with the other benchmarks, FMSI was overridden by the one packed within PCMark04/05.

*Stripped benchmarks: 7zip, Cinebench03, WinRar, HyperPi, UCBench

*Removed RunAsAdmin for Wprime, please launch it manually as Administrator.



Portable Benchmarks 2D v1.5 31/MAR/2014

*PCMark dependencies are installed BEFORE the benchmarks (if ticked).

*Java Redis bug introduced in v1.4 is now fixed.

*Removed software: MultiCorePi@Linpack v5.0.0

*Added software: Multi Threaded Pi v6.0, Multi Thread Linpack v6.0

*Updated software: CPU-Z 1.68 to 1.69, XTU to, FM SystemInfo 4.25 to 4.26, GeekBench 3.1.4 to 3.1.5, Passmark PerformanceTest 8.0.1030 to 8.0.1031, WinRAR 5.01 to 5.10b1, y-cruncher FIX1 to 0.6.4 Build 9424


Portable Benchmarks 2D v1.4 23/FEB/2014

*Displaying version number in uninstaller's name.

*Updated software: GPU-Z 0.7.5 to 0.7.7, Intel XTU to, Anvil's SSD 1.0.51.RC6 to, FM SystemInfo 4.22 to 4.25, Processing Power 1.2.1 to 1.2.2, Passmark PerformanceTest 8.0.1026 to 8.0.1030, y-cruncher to fix1


KNOWN BUG: Java Redis is not installed even if it is selected.


Portable Benchmarks 2D v1.3 21/JAN/2014

*Some redistributables can be unchecked.

*Added software: PCMark04 (+SI4.22 + WMVE9), PCMark05 (+SI4.22), Processing Power v1.2.1 2014 (+ NET 4.0 CP), y-cruncher

*Updated software: GeekBench 3.1.2 to 3.1.4, Java Redis 7u45 to 7u51, MaxxMEM 1.99 to 2.01


Portable Benchmarks 2D v1.2 09/JAN/2014

*Installer comes in 2 flavors now, FULL suite (all benchmarks) and LITE suite (only benchmarks with boints enabled).

*Split the benchmarks in 3 categories: benchmarks with and without boints, and benchmarks that are not available at HWBOT.

*Added new benchmarks: GPU-Z, GPU-Z ROG

*Updated benchmarks: CPU-Z 1.68, Multi Threaded PI @ LINPACK v5.0.0, WinRAR 5.01

*HWBOT Prime now installs the Java redis in both 32bit and 64bit (were applicable).

*HWBOT Prime has an AutoHotkey launcher.

*CINEBENCH R15 is installed only on 64bit OS w/o warning the user anymore if trying to install it on 32bit OS.

*Intel XTU is disabled by default since it works on so few hardware configs.

*Intel XTU installer is removed after it's installed.

*Start Menu folder is now removed by uninstaller.

*WinXP broken shortcuts (ucbench/wprime/hwbotprime) should now work.

*Removed readme files from Cinebench 11.5/15 and FryBench.


Portable Benchmarks 2D v1.1 04/DEC/2013

*Added new benchmarks: 7zip, AS SSD, Anvil SSD, MaxxMEM

*Enabled XP Theme

*Each application has a Start Menu shortcut

*XTU uninstaller is now quiet

*VC redis 2008 is now installed without showing progress to avoid loosing window focus

*After installation some leftover files will be removed

*Applications are now grouped, with Memory/SSD benchmarks being unchecked by default

*When trying to install Cinebench 15 on a 32 bit OS the user will be asked if he wants it installed

*UCBench will be run with Admin rights


Portable Benchmarks 2D v1.0 03/DEC/2013

*First version, pretty complete.

*3DPM: removed the startup dialog that asked to choose ST or MT, instead I've created shortcuts for each one of them.

*HWBOT Prime: added a RunAsAdmin executable (used by default).

*PiFast: added a RunAsAdmin executable (used by default) and also inserted a 'press key to start' so you can set affinity in Task Manager.

*Geekbench: removed the installer.

*wPrime: added a RunAsAdmin executable (used by default).

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Hey guys, I'm glad it's useful for others as well. Today I've made some changes, the new version v1.1 can be downloaded from here. I will ask Pieter to update the HWBOT mirror too.


Let me know if you'd like to see other 2D benchmarks part of this installer. Until then, I will move on to making the installer for OC Tools.

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Do an 'old points' version (AQ3,3d01, 3d03, 3d05, 3d06, 3d99+3d2000 unchecked)

a 'new points version (3DMV, 3D11, 3D12, Heaven, Catzilla)



I see the best way as follows:

1) 2D Lite (only point-awarded benchmarks, plus CPU-Z/GPU-Z)

2) 2D full (with beta benchmarks)

3) 3D Lite (only benchmarks with points)

4) 3D full


Instead of 2D/3D Full may be a one full package. But I recommend to do a split 2D/3D lite.

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