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For trade "Golden" 4670k


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I would rather stay on enthusiast league so i offer my Golden 4670k on a trade with a 4770k which works 5.3-5.4 3d bench under 1.4v on air/water.


Mine works like this :

On air

3d :

4.5 at 1.07 v

5.0 at 1.24 v

5.1 at 1.31 light 3d(2001 and 2003 ,1.32v for 2005)


5200 ring with 1.38v cache on air.


Tested under dice and it works 3d at :


5.9 Ghz @ 1.58v (boot at 1.55,maybe lower) Vccin @2.120v and Ring at 5400 @ 1.4v(5500 works as well,5600 doesn't with this voltage)

5.7 Ghz @ 1.45v Vccin @ 2.050v

5.5 Ghz @ 1.35v




From what i understand it should be a golden chip on Ln2,but it's out of my possibilities to test it.

It was never tested above 1.58v on dice and on air never exceeded 1.4v.

The processor is in mint condition.


Price 1000 Euro(or best offer) although i prefer a trade.



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I will think about in the future,for the moment i want a better processor on air.

I am almost sure that i will find someone who has an 4770k which works great on air but sucks under Ln2. Farjam has sold one identical to my needs unfortunately :).

Bullshooter i will announce you on pm if i will decide to sell it.

For the others,please don't send pm if you don't have what i ask in this add.I don't wish to sell it for the moment only trade with golden 4770k on air/water,

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Starting with Monday(27.01) the cpu will be available for sale or other trade options(videocards to be more specific).

If anybody is interested in buying or trading things for this cpu shoot a pm with your offer.(I will take my decision Monday)

I can ship worldwide,the buyer will pay the shipping cost.I can sell it also locally,if you are in Cyprus.

As a payment i accept only western union or paypal.

For well known users i can send the cpu before to test the truthfulness off what i'm saying(air/dice),payment can be made afterwards.

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its fine it will arrive dead like my cpu lol !


Monday i will ship it to the new owner,untill then i have some unfinished "bussines" :).

The PS has less than 40 minutes since it's made,it still work flawless.You cannot damage it when you have this voltage :).



The cpu will go to the new owner,the payment was done,I don't know if he want;s to keep it a secret so i will not post his name,but i really looking forward to see what he will obtain :)on LN2.

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