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SHIMIZU - Core i7 4790K @ 5000.6MHz - 5min 55sec 953ms SuperPi - 32M


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This isn´t the first time HynixCFR have been used on cold, iirc, I saw result of most likely exactly this kit (same series) on Z77 before - it didn´t end the era of Samsungs and PSC then, and it doesn´t end it now :) - like before, excellent kit on cold might give you another alternative, which might end the madness at prices for PSC hopefully :D

Good job, shimizu :)

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Thanks guys!

I think good CFR can beat avarage PSC and good samsung, but it can't beat 1400CL6 PSC.

If you guys have a CFR kit, PLZ try it on cold and fight against good PSC!



Only have 4 X 4GB 2666CL11 kit.

Temp was between -110 and -120.

I used EK-SF3D mempot at this time(copper one)

I have not tested on air yet.


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