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Remembering Turrican: Bench for a good cause (and buy a T-shirt)


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I am from Colombia, so, I am not sure if T-Shirt arrive or not since a lot of couriers refuse to send things to my country.

I will ask our delivery service, if it's possible and let you know. :)


Regarding the VC redistributable error, I've never seen something like this. I guess one of your installed packages was damaged, so it was fixed by removing these. It's also good to know that the 2013 package is only needed in 32 bit, no matter if your OS is in 32 vor 64 bit.

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How the hell you can run this on XP...I am getting a lot of problems with dll files...
What problems exactly? With OpenCL drivers?


Paypal e-mail? i pay a cache but i havent email adress.
The shop will guide you through. You need a PayPal account for international shipping, that's for sure. :)
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You are using a very old AMD APP driver. Installing the latest Catalyst drivers or the lastest AMD APP SDK should fix this. You can check the driver version in the benchmark itself where it says "AMD APP (1xxx) is ready". The number should be 1500+ in the latest versions.

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Mr.Scott says:

It's certainly not XP friendly. I've been working on it for a week and still can't get it to run.


Same here, almost 1 week including fresh installation and nothing seem to work. Have you tried XP x64?


_mat_ says:

It's mostly an OpenCL driver issue.


If I may ask, why even bother with XP?


Because like Mr.Scott says: I like the challenge...I want to know if XP makes a difference in that bench.

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