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TheMadDutchDude - Core i3 6320 @ 4020MHz - 742 marks XTU

Guest acidsys

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

I'll tell you that it was at 3840 12-12-28-1-200, but that's all you'll get. ;)


The force is mighty, Doug. I think Yoda came over last night. :)

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i think it was nothing bad about what my friend asked... in 4 cpuz tabs and 3840 12-12-28-1-200 is nothing to hide huh? its just about ppl would love to see the clocks what achieved the score, like with all other benchmarks. no one asked to tell anything more. i know its rule of the XTU, still a stupid one tho.


congrats TheMadDutchDude huge effort in this result no doubt about that! :)

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lol,usual trolling.

Not as I would be a big competition in that 102.9bclk race on water,was just a question which I think was bothering someone else too in the era of wrappers and youhavetovalidateyourselfwitheveryshitucanfind,and there is that bench in which you dont even need a screenshot to prove.thats the funny,not your joke ;)

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