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I think you're probably right. Though where that registry thing lives is the important part really. If it's in EPROM in the cpu it doesn't really matter much.

Some sort of ColdForgetItBug like the fermi ColdSlow bug (except more(?) intentional), and won't be there with the Extreme series.

Financially it makes sense to lock the K-not-X cpus away from the really high speeds, otherwise there is no market for Xtreme cpus.

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As far as the messages I received are indeed correct, it seems that this 'internal PLL voltage override' isn't really changing any voltage. It's more like it's just an MSR registry setting. Also, the chips are still suffering from the same bug: walling at a certain frequency.


My D2 chip did 4890 on the dot with previous bioses; with the new bios it's doing 5288 on the dot. Not even posting at higher frequencies :-/

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