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Old School is Best School Season 2 - Round 5


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I am just wondering seeing as we have had a team name change from Classic Platforms to Warp9 and we have had our points removed from the first 4 rounds.

Both of the benchers that earned the points were Kotori and Myself who are both now on Warp9 could we have them reinstated as Warp9 as it takes away the will to try hard to win with Round 5 and the Bonus Round and maybe take the win overall.

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Send a PM to massman or Christian Ney - it will depend on if it was a name change or a new team was founded and you all switched I think, but this is something head of moderation and le chef should judge^^

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Looks like not only me does that in last seconds :) Congrats to all participants.

I've bought X850XT at the beginning of the month and it was dead :( Can't find any more X800 card local. Received new one just yesterday and got only 4 hours to make a result. Shot 8171 in last minute, but when i submit competition ended.

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