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HWBot site issue

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For me, the forum works & loads quickly and without problems


but the main site.....all results pages load slowly and cause FF to hang for a few seconds for EVERY PAGE. Checking a leaderboard takes minutes, not seconds :/


What plugins etc does HWB use?


Cookie clearance doesn't help.

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I can't seem to submit team cup stage 2.5. After filling out the submission form it goes to http: //hwbot.org/ submit/create and nothing happens after.


On the esports site it also says "LIMITATIONS -> a 181,185 videocard" for stage 2.5


I've tried on two different PC's

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I also have this issue. It happens when I click on one of the menus, especially the "Benchmarks" menu. It takes many seconds to load the benchmarks list, no matter if I don't select subcategory, or if I select for example "Processor" subcategory. "Hardware" menu is also slow, but not as slow as "benchmarks". Tho others seem to have ok speed. Browsing by phone is even slower.

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It's just you man.


wow that's so weird, I guess my chrome has a virus or something, because it doesn't go to the forum, only if I save a favorite in a specific category. also cant see chatbox


Switched to ie and it works. Thanks for letting me know, I cant believe I thought it was hwbot, been like this for a month on all my devices using chrome.

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