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UK Overclocking Event 2017


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Hey guys


Some of you may or may not know that I held a UK based overclocking event last year in Sheffield. The turnout was good in my opinion and some benchers who have always wanted to meet each other finally got the chance. Much LN2 was poured, many beers were had and lots of fun too!


Some of us are looking at holding another one sometime in 2017 (dates are flexible right now) and this post is purely designed to gauge interest.


Who would be interested in attending? LN2er, Newbies, Rookies, Experienced, New blood - All 100% welcome! This might be in the UK, but everyone Worldwide including Europe is welcome to come along!


I am currently working to source a venue for it, so the more interested the better. Obviously, we are trying to keep the costs involved down to a minimum, so we will probably sell tickets again like last time, but this is obviously not for profit so if we manage to get costs paid via a sponsor, then we will use money for pooled hardware/pizza/beer etc


If you are interested, please say below :)

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  • Crew
I'd come if there is a cinebench tex modding contest!


No, seriously, I would love to make it again. Last was really good! But depends on the dates, and how certain qualifiers go, family etc...


Haha sounds great! Was awesome meeting you last year, I have to admit!


Since I've managed to avoid every other event I'd definitely have to make this one.


No excuses slacker :D


I'll have to try and get to this one as I missed the last meet


You will indeed mate, you were a big miss at the last one :(


Depending on when, i'll probably be up for it.


Might even bring some personality and enthusiasm this time!


Randomly picking up the dewar and pouring it directly into my pot was a particular highlight! Probably one of the nicest guys I have met in years too! :)

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  • Crew
I'm definitely coming if I have the time to go. Loved the last one even if I didn't really get much benching done.


Was one of the highlights of my weekend finally meeting you :)


I'd be interested in coming up! Sounds like a lot of fun! Especially the beer part!


Beer is always good :D


it's one of the venue requirements!

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