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I really like HWBOT because ...


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Hey boys and girls,


Next month I'll be spending my 5 days at CeBit hoping to find more hardware vendors like ADATA, GIGABYTE and MSI who support the development of this website and all of its features. Although I'm pretty capable of rambling on about overclocking for many hours (seriously, I can!), I'm not sure if that'll do the trick. After all, CeBit is (just like CES or any tradeshows) a place where promises are made all the time, marketing slogans are slammed in your face as if they carry the one and only truth. Everyone knows it, yet everyone keeps doing it.


What would send a stronger message is being to provide a dozen of quotes or one-liners from the community. After all, you are building this community and making use of this website every single day. With additional resources we would (finally) be able to get an extra help on the back-end side and finish up more projects. For instance, we could finally make more work of the AMD league for all those AMD fans out there!


So, my question is simple: if you want to help out HWBOT, just post a one-liner about HWBOT or, if you're really enthusiastic, a few lines on what you like about the bot.


Thanks!! :)



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Here's one for 'em:

HWBot is the reason I have a $350 mobo, $1k cpu, and two $500 GPUs.


If it were not for HWBot i'd have a $45cpu and $80 gpu on a $32 motherboard.

Supporting HWBot makes people spend money :P

(Also, holy crap what am I doing!? That's substantially more money then my car is worth)

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