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GALAX GOC 2018 online qualifier thread


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  • Crew
24 minutes ago, websmile said:

You are slooow to mention this xd - Albrecht will moderate tomorrow and this was reported already a while ago. I have no idea why the rule was made the way it is, for a new card and new whql drivers with perfect readout and no glitch, but it was officially stated and visible to anyone, so the results are invalid because driver is too old ....

just woke up and looked at everyone ??

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21 hours ago, websmile said:

Seeing some of the results I was never more happy not to be a mod anymore...

100% Agree... thinking about it since the end but no idea of what is the "right" decision...

As on Ocer, loosing qualification because of this "small" detail will make me mad. Both Ocer have good enough result do stay in top12 what ever driver they used...
On the other hand if I'm any of #13 and  #14 I will be mad to see not allowed result taking "my" spot :( . And if "we" break the rule for this, then next competition why not using wrong driver again, wrong benchmark...

So good luck with this dilemma !!! At then end some will complain, no matter what.
And tks to all mod that work behind the scene and are stretch between OCers, Brands...

Hope to see you in Vietnam next month guys ;)


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18 hours ago, Leeghoofd said:

K I'm not at home atm, will moderate tomorrow evening... sorry for the delay


update: I pmed MAD already with the driver releated issues and the GPUPI which was not accepted by the Dbase.

I remember that I have installed a new driver by usb disk,one time driver is didn‘t work,maybe I was wrong  choice old driver in ssd.   I use GUI v2.6.6174 64 and sysinfo 5.14.693,This can prove that I did not test before October 11.  

I finally said, I respect any decision made by the organizing committee.

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Personally i would validate these results unless there is a special exploit that you can use with these drivers and not with newer ones. Well done to all contenders, for the excitement i really wished i would had participated but see you guys in Vietnam ! 

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  • Crew

No matter how I moderate I will be annoying somebody. Galax imposed these limitations on driver versions and  I got the heads up to adhere to them.

If everybody had some scores up like eg a week ago we could have spotted this and rectify it by warning the user... 

It's a dirty job and I have to do it... Sorry lads. I'm on it within an hour. Still have to drive back

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Bad for me :( 


congrats BoB and the other one.


My minde: No savescore submit, no testet before, rules say 3.2 or above !

Yes above ; 3,1 work , rules say not oldschool Version 2.3 it work :)


Time out, no Score , finish !! The End 


Everybody submit Scores with 3.1 or 3.2


Thats my mind, Nice Cup , have fun ;)


My First Touch with Ln2 .




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