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4 hours ago, l0ud_sil3nc3 said:

Pretty sure Vince was the first to show 4800c14 was competitive bench wise on the Dark.

You`re absolutely right, It`s probably becaouse the board is his :)

Right now I know only two guys who actually post scores with Dark and LN2, one of these guys is me ?

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I`n now waiting for my P0 9900K and hope that the memory will run even better than with 9900KS.

Dark is much more difficult in the mem than Asus. I have tried many mem-kits, not all of them you can get to 4133 or 4800.

All mem settings have to be correct, only then you can get the system started.


Short test with 100.1 BCLK, with 100 BCLK the time is slightly worse ?





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15 hours ago, Sparky's__Adventure said:

This kit likes high voltage.

Also, I managed to get waza working properly. 5.53.703 with 8700k, 4133 12-11, 50/51/6/7 RTLs, one way ~1600mb waza.

I know 49/50/6/6 would get me a lot closer, but how can I get sub 5.53 with my current hardware combo?

Definitely try a smaller waza. 52's are doable with 4000 12-11 even with an 8700k.

Easiest solution would be pop in a 9900k and drop half a second :)

Here's a quick run with 4082 12-11 with 49/50/6/6.



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3 hours ago, Sparky's__Adventure said:

Got a better run through, still inching closer. I have not found any success with lower vtt, the mem doesn't seem to like it at all.

I'm going to look around in OS and figure out how to reduce maxmem. It's not in msconfig, at least not like in Windows 10.

If you can't change in msconfig / Boot / Advanced options then use this . . .
Control Panel =>  System =>  Advanced Startup and Recovery =>  EDIT file: =>  / maxmem=600

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