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Woopsie. A server error occured. Error 500

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A the title say... Woopsie. A server error occured. Error 500. If this happens often, we'll take a look at it.



Since early this morning I have had problems with submit my scores. Almost 9 hours since this started happening. And I started up now try to submit scores again and same problem. I get same problem on different machines and with differnt browsers. I saw also earlier (a few hours before this Error 500) that it took long time before the scores went into points and medals / trophies.

It als looks like my Career Ranking points won't increase after several new posted benchmarks.


Not sure if this is the correct thread to post this problem. But hope some mods can lookat it.

Could this be looked on so I can continue post my scores? Thanks.

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Thank you Alby , i can report  down here on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico i too have error 505. I know it will resolve itself once a reboot is done so no biggie and thank you for always taking care of this ship captain :D

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